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Does anyone have Suzanne Vegas's "The Queen and the Soldier"? Acapella or accompanied would be great. I'd be more than happy to send a mix in return, or something to reciprocate if you upload it for me pleeeaz.

Thank you.

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Name: April
Location: Australia
Email address: aprilMJsevenfold@hotmail.com

Favourite bands: Avenged Sevenfold, Christina Aguilera, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, The Used
Least favourite bands: James Blunt, Slipknot, Panic!
5 random things you like: Movies, Music, Shopping, Lip gloss & Friends
Quote a random song at us:

"So Sick, So sick of being tired, so tired of being sick" Taking back Sunday - You Know How I Do

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Is anyone interested in participating in October CD Swaps?


If at least two people say yes, we'll start October swaps. Otherwise, I'll post another poll around the first of November.

Remember, if you say yes, you are not required to participate, and saying no will not prohibit your participation.
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September Theme Nominations and Warnings

Hi everyone! Sorry for the hiatus, but we'll kick things off with September Theme Nominations.

Paige and Vivien: You need to sort out your swaps with Martie, hopefully by sending (or resending) the mix you owe her. Until Martie recieves her mixes, neither of you will be able to participate in swaps.

I'm assuming, because I haven't heard from anyone else, that everyone recieved the mixes they were promised from June and before. PLEASE let me know if you haven't- if you don't tell me, I can't do anything about it.

You have until Wednesday to nominate themes for September Swaps.

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I did not get my two July mix cds. I contacted my two swap partner both via e-mail and leaving comments in their profile in the community and I did not get any reply though they are still writing on their journals, so still active in the Net. I left two comments for the mod of this community in the post made for it but up to now I still haven't had any reply. I do think that the two person who were meant to send the cds to me deserve at least a strike. I can understand being late but as they haven't let me hear from them I doubt they even bothered to send the cd. This was my first swap here and I was all happy and excited..I spent money to send cds and overall I put my soul and mind into the ones I made. I came here thinking this was a great community to share with people and now I'm really disappointed because as far as it seems I found some not reliable people who still have to grow up and learn to take their responsability or at least some kindness.
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Because only one other person signed up for July swaps (which is no big deal, maybe July was a busy month), I'm holding this round off until August. Would you guys like to vote again, or keep the current themes? You can comment here with preferences.

Also, if you haven't recieved a CD from ANY MONTH, let me know so I can work it out.

July Sign Up!

We are swapping these themes:

1. Songs of [Decade]
2. Colorful Songs
3. Female Vocals
4. Decorated Cover Mix (theme is mixer's choice)

Don't feel obligated to sign up for any, or more, mixes than you think you'll have time for.
To sign up, reply by filling in this form.


Themes you want to take part in:

Where you live:

Where you are willing to send:
(please choose either anywhere, Europe only, Europe preferably, N. America only or N. America preferably. Please don't make more specific requests such as "UK only" as it's hard enough for me to organise the swaps & grant the preferences as it is! I will try to grant preferences wherever I can, and be aware that if you select one of the "only" options you may not be able to take part in all/any of the swaps you want to).

Swap partners will be posted within the next week!