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No matter what...you still have all of me
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A plot bunny formed by a bunny...

No. Seriously.

venus_blue wrote a fic based on the default icon and well...it needed to be done. *smooches Venus*

Thus __all_of_me__ was born.

Tara Maclay: sexytarawitch/magick_goddess
Lindsey McDonald: theurbancowboy

The Story:
AU pre Season for [Before Tara went to Sunnydale]
Sometimes things happen when you meet by chance. But it's what you do with that chance that changes everything.

This is a closed RP, don't ask to join. You will be denyed and mocked. We own nothing but our LJ accounts. Joss owns all, lucky bastard, Tara and Lindsey also belong to them and his company. Again, lucky bastard. Tara and Lindsey never met in the show [sadly] but they do in our world.