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Gilmore Girls Italia

We are one of the latest Gilmore Girls site still active and the msot up-to-date on the net! Here you'll find all the latest news about this wonderful show and ach and every actor who take part to it!
We have the most comprehensive gallery on the net, a huge screencaps archive a press room
and everything you need to know about Stars Hollow and its citizen.
We are waiting for you and you? What are you waiting for? JOIN US !

Gilmore Girls need your help !

I would ask you all a little help for Gilmore Girls Italia, one of the most important italian fansite dedicate to the show and the only one still active. We joined the most important italian competition and we would like to keep Gilmore alive at least on the net, show that our girls are still alive on heart of fans and demonstrate how strong still is the fandom!
Please, vote for us: You have to write "Gilmore Girls Italia - www.gilmoregirlsitalia.com" an send it at vota@telefilmfestival.it. You can vote until March, 18th. We need your help and, if it's possibile, tell to your friends to vote for us and support Gilmore Girls.....keep them alive! Thanks in advance.

PS for mods: If it's not alowed delete it and, sorry! Don't write me anything, I read the rules and I would have sent you an email and ask if I can do this or not if I would have more time but I don't so if you want this here delete and don't tell me nothing, I understand!
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I had no idea where else to post this, but here it is...

I am looking for someone that would like to adopt an Alexis Bledel fansite from me, as I have decided not to run it but instead work as a co-web at Alexis Online.Net. The site can be seen here:

Alexis Bledel Web
Test Version

The site ia partially finished so some worked is entailed. In other words, I finsihed the Alexis, Site and Web sections.

I don't care what kind of webmaster you are but if you are interested drop me an email at beautiful.laugh@gmail.com. But entitle the email Alexis Bledel Web and we can talk or comment here. Thank you!

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