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another clip from 'the good guy'

The winter months are prime romantic comedy time, and this year is proving no exception. Adding her entry into the rom-com running is former "Gilmore Girl" Alexis Bledel, with the New York City-set "The Good Guy." According to the movie's synopsis, Alexis plays Beth, a career girl set on living the good life. Things are going well once she meets Tommy, a "sexy, young Wall Street hot-shot," but "complications arise in the form of Tommy’s sensitive and handsome co-worker Daniel." Considering Tommy is played by "Friday Night Lights" quarterback Scott Porter and Daniel is played by former Hump Day Hottie Bryan Greenberg, all we have to say is: Lucky! If only we all were cursed with such boy troubles.

In our exclusive clip, Daniel arrives early for a date with Beth, whose sarcastic friends all think he must be gay — no one's that nice or early! Watch below, and keep an eye out for "My Girl" star Anna Chlumsky as one of Beth's friends.

Hunter {actor} ♥ blond prince

new clip released from 'The Good Guy'

ComingSoon.net has your exclusive first look at this new clip from Julio DePietro's The Good Guy, starring Alexis Bledel, Scott Porter, Bryan Greenberg, Anna Chlumsky, Aaron Yoo and Andrew McCarthy.

In the February 19 release, Alexis Bledel plays Beth, an ambitious young Manhattanite and urban conservationist who wants it all: a good job, good friends, and a good guy to share the city with. Of course that last one is often the trickiest of all. Beth falls hard for Tommy (Porter), a young Wall Street hot-shot. But just as everything seems to be falling into place, complications arise in the form of Tommy's sensitive and handsome co-worker Daniel (Greenberg). Beth soon learns that the game of love in the big city is a lot like Wall Street - high risk, high reward and everybody has an angle.

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Written Interviews With Alexis + A Short Video

Alexis says she was a very tired actress (Parade)

Trying to get work.
"Auditioning for parts as an actress was kind of like a job interview for me. I sort of discovered acting in college at NYU. I'll never forget my audition for Gilmore Girls. I did it only for the experience, never expecting that I'd get the part of Rory, which changed my life and career."

Facing unemployment.
"I haven't gone through anything extreme, but when Gilmore Girls ended, I didn't go on to another TV series. You don't always go from one thing to the next in this business. Sometimes you have several months in-between, and you don't know what your next job will be. So I can relate a little bit to that sense of wanting to get to work."

The good part of down time.
"Doing a TV show was like running a marathon. It would have helped if I was in great shape, watched what I ate, got enough sleep and exercised. Unfortunately, I skipped all that and often I was a very tired actress."

Understanding the value of work for women.
"I kind of tried to think about it from a post-feminism perspective because, historically, there was such a struggle to get women to a point where they could choose between a job and family life, and now we have that option. But what's interesting is how important this job is to my character. She spends the entire movie working toward it, she's like totally obsessed, and then she gets it. And she finds that it's not everything she expected. To me, that's a reminder that your work isn't everything."

She'll never be a workaholic.
"There are people, like my character in Post Grad, who are fixated on a career and don't entertain any other ideas whatsoever. It takes a strong personality to have that focus. It's not like mine at all. I'm very open to different things and don't want to limit myself. I just really want to see what comes my way."

Guys as just pals.
"At different points in my life I think I have had guy best friends, but I think my best friends are typically other girls. I don't know. It gets complicated with guys, especially when you're younger. I think it's easier for that line between best friend and boyfriend to get complicated."

As for living at home like her character.
"I know that if I had to do it, I'd probably last for about a week. It's a hard thing to do. It's almost against nature. I know a lot of people go back and live with their families, especially in other countries. I think in the States there's so much emphasis on the self and succeeding individually that you want to be on your own. But in many places, like Latin America and Europe, people live with their families for longer than we do. Here there's definitely, I think, a stigma about it. But I like the message that life isn't all about what you do; it has a lot to do with who you surround yourself with and go home to and that becomes your life."

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Alexis on Gilmore Girls Movie

"I haven’t heard anything about that," she told MTV News while promoting her new flick, "Post Grad." "Like people ask but I haven’t heard a formal [plan for it]… I haven’t read a script."

Okay so maybe there isn't a script in the works yet, but would Alexis even want to make a movie? This answer is even more disappointing.

"I don’t know. I mean it depends on the script because I really liked the way they wrapped up with the series finale with such a nice conclusion to the story," she explained. "The pilot started out with Lorelei trying to figure out how she's going to finance her academically advanced daughter's education for eight years and then they do it. They do this amazing thing together and she graduates in the last episode and is off to start her life and I thought it was kind of perfect. So I don't know if I want to keep telling this story."

OK, so let's pretend for a second here that a script does eventually come her way and she does want to do it — Alexis would have some input then on what Rory would be up to these days then, right? "I imagine her working in a newspaper room somewhere just going after a story," she said.