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I'm so deadly.

Alexis Bledel is Sin City!


I saw Alexis in Sin City as Becky and thought it was a great character and she did a very good job. That brings me to my next point. I'm sorry if this is not allowed but since it is related to Alexis Bledel and may interest some of her fans I thought I'd put it here for them. My friend and I made a Sin City RPG and we really want somebody to play Becky, because she'd add a lot to what's going on in our community.

If you do join and read some of our other posts and comments you'll realize our RPG is a little different, we get kind of crazy sometimes and have fights...and I know Becky would be involved in those. And it's fun.

So yes: We need a Becky! LOL.

Here is the info page!

If this isn't allowed, please delete it. Thanks for your time! =)

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Just wanted to post a little info, that i'm sure that you all know, but i only found out like 2 days ago.... Alexis Bledel is in Sin City. I was sooo shocked. I'm really glad to see her playing a part so different to everything else she's done (Gilmore Girls, Tuck Everlasting..... etc)Does anyone know what Sin City is about? Because i'm kind of confused as to what it is about. And Is it constantly in Black and White because I tihnk that would give me a head ache after an hour and a half, the idea seems cool though.
And also, does anyone know when The Travelling Pants comes out, because i'm a huge fan of the books, and I am really excited for the movies. I think that she plays Tibby which is really cool, and out of character for her too.

Anyways I'm was upset that yestderday Gilmore Girls was a rerun yesterday.... but heheh I still watched it :D