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Alexis Bledel Ponders a 'Gilmore Girls' Movie

Alexis Bledel has a lot on her plate, but 'Gilmore Girl' fans will be happy to hear that she won't rule out a movie adaptation. She chatted with PopEater about that possibility, and how the show kept her out of trouble while the rest of young-and-beautiful Hollywood was out in the clubs.

She also talked about her new movie 'The Good Guy' (out Friday), the occasional 'Sisterhood' reunion and what it was like working with one of Hollywood's most handsome men, Robert Redford.

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Hunter {actor} ♥ blond prince

Alexis Bledel, Action Hero? ‘To Play One Would Be Amazing’

Alexis Bledel may not be known for her karate moves or superpowers, but the star said she wouldn’t mind strapping on the spandex on screen.

“I actually love action movies,” she told AccessHollywood.com during the junket for her latest film, “The Good Guy,” at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. “I don’t think there are enough female action heroes. One of my favorites is Carrie-Anne Moss in ‘The Matrix’ — so I would love to see more characters like that in film in general and to play one would be amazing.”

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Alexis on Gilmore Girls Movie

"I haven’t heard anything about that," she told MTV News while promoting her new flick, "Post Grad." "Like people ask but I haven’t heard a formal [plan for it]… I haven’t read a script."

Okay so maybe there isn't a script in the works yet, but would Alexis even want to make a movie? This answer is even more disappointing.

"I don’t know. I mean it depends on the script because I really liked the way they wrapped up with the series finale with such a nice conclusion to the story," she explained. "The pilot started out with Lorelei trying to figure out how she's going to finance her academically advanced daughter's education for eight years and then they do it. They do this amazing thing together and she graduates in the last episode and is off to start her life and I thought it was kind of perfect. So I don't know if I want to keep telling this story."

OK, so let's pretend for a second here that a script does eventually come her way and she does want to do it — Alexis would have some input then on what Rory would be up to these days then, right? "I imagine her working in a newspaper room somewhere just going after a story," she said.