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Hey.. Bangs Are Hot!

So I've been watching the new gilmore girls and i noticed that Alexis has bangs now and I was thinkin when was the last time I had bangs?!?.. lol back when I was like 8 or 9.. So I went and got bangs and I look totally hot and I love them.. Thanks Alexis for the awesome fashion tip.. not ony do i love them but my b/f and all my friends.. i even had about 4 of them go got bangs too.. So if ur willing to risk losing some hair go get bangs they look awesome.. and cute.. and remember hair grows back no biggie.. lets make bangs popular again!.. whos in this with me??.. lol

Once I can change my pic u'll see my bangs..:D
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gilmore girls!

omg! did you guys watch gilmore girls last night?
it was sooo good.
i can't wait till next week. hopefully rory and Lorilai will get over their fight.
it was sooo good.

what did you guys think of it?
i'm glad jess came back.
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i LOVE gilmore girls

did anyone see this weeks Gilmore Girls?
what do you think about Rory's new life? i think its soo weird..seeing her as a bad/trouble maker..but i guess thats how the show is supposed to turn out!?