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Alexis Bledel's fans

Alexis Bledel fans.
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This community is dedicated to the actress Alexis Bledel, which used to play Rory Gilmore, one of the lead role, in the tv series Gilmore girls. She is also doing films and other tv apperances but her first 'big hit' tv show was Gilmore girls.

From now on, this community has a addon one which is alexisb_daily where pictures of Alexis will be posted daily.


1. Icons/Graphics/Wallpapers can be posted but only Alexis related. Post that include icons/graphics/wallapapers as teasers that has nothign to do with Alexis Bledel will be remove from the community.

2. Be nice to the other members (respectful) and if you are new, you are more than welcome to post and let us know!

3. Do NOT remove the comment option.

4. Promoting other community with big OR small banner will not be tolareted. Although icons/graphics/wallpapers post which you include a fake lj-cut to you community or lj will be tolareted. (I am very serious about this rule.)

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