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Alexis in Seventeen

I received me Seventeen magazine in the mail yesterday :)  And I got an email from Seventeen today... so here are some pictures from the website... and some quotes to go along with it.  Enjoy! She's so pretty.

Magazine cover...

"I'm focused on trying to find bits of reality [in Hollywood]. Even when you watch the news here, it's not what's really going on in the world, it's celebrity gossip. Anywhere else in the world that's not the case--nobody's talking about somebody's breast implants on the red carpet."

"I don't like drama, especially about petty things. I'm just left feeling like ewww, I don't need this headache right now, it's ridiculous! If you enjoy it, enjoy it, but I don't want to be a part of it."

"When I think back, I've been lucky--I've dated the most incredible people. I can't really think of one I'm embarrassed about. Every guy I've dated has had character and been a really nice person."

"I couldn't get into modeling as much I probably could with other jobs. You just stand there--it's not the most rewarding thing. A lot of work goes into a beautiful picture, but I crave a job that involves more mental work."

"Since I was shy in high school, I'd try to be around a guy I liked thinking I'd come up with something to say, but I never would. I'd just end up being quiet all the time and that was ultimately fairly embarrassing."

"I always had trouble talking to girls my own age--there was a lot of cattiness and two-facedness. Guys were always more straight-forward with me, which I appreciated." 

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