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Alexis Bledel On Her Gilmore Future

"August 8, 2006 - As it enters its seventh season, Gilmore Girls is going through a lot of changes. First off is the transition to the brand new CW network, as Gilmore's previous home, The WB, merges with former rival UPN. On the new network, Gilmore Girls will retain its former Tuesday/8:00 pm timeslot, but will now be paired with former UPN series Veronica Mars.

In addition, there's a major shift behind the scenes, as the creator of the series, Amy Sherman-Palladino, has exited the show after serving as the executive producer and primary writer for its entire run. Taking over for Sherman-Palladino is new executive producer David Rosenthal, who joined the staff of the series in season 6. Recently, IGN was among a group of journalists who had an opportunity to speak to actress Alexis Bledel, to learn her feelings about the changes for Gilmore Girls this season, and whether season 7 might be the last.

I asked the Sin City star if she worried about the show maintaining its very specific dialogue and cadence without Sherman-Palladino, to which she replied, "I don't think so, because luckily, it's been on for six years, so everyone kind of knows it. And David definitely knows it. He's been there for a year already, so he knows the ropes. He's a perfect person to takeover."

Commenting on if she finds herself ever talking like her character Rory, Bledel jokingly said, "I don't talk that fast or that much at all!" And as to how she dresses versus Rory, "Hopefully I'm a little less preppy, and a little less stuffy I hope," Bledel said with a laugh. "I think her look is pretty specific, although it's changed recently 'cause she's in college. They're trying to make her look more grown up and sophisticated."

for the rest of the article; here! :)
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