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Hi I'm New!

Heyy, I just joined here, I'm from England & my names Sam. I love Alexis Bledel, I think she's an amazing actress, especially on Gilmore Girls & The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants! This community looks like a lot of fun! X X X X
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    Hey! I'm new in here and this is my first community. Well, hi and I have some Icons here. Hope you like them.

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    hello all new member here! i'm amilee. i love alexis! she's super hot yet super sweet. yup so i love her! ps. i'm new so i'd like new friends!

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    Hey! I'm new here, so thought i'd introduce myself I'm megan, im 17 and live in New Hampshire haha, dont know what else to say about me :) but…

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