alexander/hephaistion music vid - Twenty Years REDUX

Hi guys! This isn't a new vid but a remastered version (with slight changes) of "Twenty Years", which I posted some months ago. Just wanted to let you know there's now a much better quality version. :)

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Twenty Years REDUX
Fandom: Alexander (Oliver Stone 2004)
Song/Artist: Twenty Years by Placebo
Duration: 3:23 minutes

Summary: A shipper vid exploring the relationship between Alexander and Hephaistion, set against the epic battles that they have faced and the trials and tribulations that they have encountered. This is the remastered version of an original vid I made in July 2005, mainly to produce a high-quality version for download, but there are minor changes to content also. Canon slash (non-graphic), war scenes.
Spoilers: The whole film, possibly more if you've only seen the Director's Cut (i.e. the short version - this vid is sourced from the theatrical release), but I can't comment on that as I haven't seen it myself.

Download at my journal.

Feedback is very much appreciated. :)

To all fans, writers, and RPers

Hello there, I'm posting to announce a new Alexander RPG which is opening very soon and looking for new members.

This is an online forum RPG, and had been up and running once before but the administrator had closed it down because of nearly no one keeping dedication (By there end there was only so few of us checking up but could do nothing, for our characters were stuck in a scene with someone who was not posting). I am not posting the link to the forum right now, as none of us would like a swarm of new members who are only going to apply and do nothing later. We are looking for dedicated members and those who have some writing ability, as we encourage and suggest longer, more indepth pieces when in game.

Since last time the forum was open (A few months ago), there has been a formation of 5 members who have been around since the beginning and were there until the very bitter end of the last forum (as well as the two main administrators). We are cracking down and enforcing these rules, while making a collective decision before acting so as to be fair to the members.

We are all easygoing people, and would love for people to joining, but you must understand that we put a lot of hard work and dedication in to this so we are being very careful not to be disappointed and let down this time.

If you are interested in being a part of this group, and are willing to be very dedicated, please leave a comment of how I may reach you (Email or MSN/AIM preferred) and I will contact you asap with more information. Also if you would like, you can contact me instead by messaging me on AIM, my screen name is "Search the Sea."

I would like ot inform also that it is recommended but not required for you to have an AIM account where we can reach you as we have many group meetings and group RP scenes (these were, infact very big at one time before the forum finally got up and running in the beginning. We used to have so much fun, and hopefully this will get started up again soon aswell).

Lastly, I will provide a list of taken characters so as you are not getting your hopes up before joining:
Alexander, Hephaistion, Cleopatra(Alexander's sister, not Philip's wife), Cassander, Bagoas, Cynane, and possibly Roxanne and Olympias.

Thank you!
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Manips - Merry Xmas

I know in Alexander time there was no Christmas. But we live in the now. And we have Xmas.
I love both, xmas and Alexander, so I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year along with our loved Alexander.

Alexander and Hephaestion are together in my mind and that means manips contain love and desire between two man. Consider yourself warned.

Alexander, Hefestion and friends - Merry XmasCollapse )</>
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