Heather (painful_memento) wrote in __alexander__,

Young Alexander Screenshots please? Maybe?

Oi. I've been tearing apart the internet trying to find some decent images of the Young alexander from the movie. I found some when he's with his mother, but I want mooore! X3 So, would anyone be so kind as to direct me in the direction of some decent, workable quality screenshots of him when he's a child, and somewhat older in his adolescence? It would be greatly appreciated since Cap_it's screenshots for the movie are all dead and I'm afraid to post there :X

I'm dying to make some avatars with him, and if I get some good ones, I'll share! :O

pleasssse ; 3;?
[oi. And if I shouldn't post this here even though its filled with fangirly goodness, please tell me and I'll delete it even though I dont see anything about it in the guidelines :x)
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