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NO DELETE! [27 Apr 2012|02:38am]
Оригинал взят у inmost_light в вокруг света..на маленькой лошадке - вулкан шивелучRead more...Collapse )
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Оригинал взят у dotspiral в монолог...продолжается - ливия - все на борьбу с контрреволюцией! джамахирия сражается и победит!Read more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у personanongrato в гнездо последнего птеродактиля - .... шекспир "гамлет" be....or not toRead more...Collapse )
Оригинал взят у mariamagdalena в мария магдалена святая блудница - мечтаете избавиться от убийственных привычек?узнайтенас какRead more...Collapse )
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Alexander Website [04 Aug 2008|02:23pm]

Just to let anyone reading know that my Alexander website, which has hundreds of captures etc from the movie is going to be deleted very soon, so if you want to save any of the images do so now.

link to the site is on my LJ info page.

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New Bagoas art! [06 Jun 2007|09:01pm]

Posted for yoshikihide, who has problems with her account.

(Click on the picture to see a larger version)


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calendar 2007 [08 Feb 2007|05:00pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Can someone, upload a 2007 Alexander calendar?

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alexander 3rd dvd. [24 Jan 2007|08:40pm]

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Alexander Calendar 2007 [10 Dec 2006|09:53pm]

[ mood | determined ]

So ,last year I've found a beautiful calender created by Salongel. But for next year does anyone have something?

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Young Alexander Screenshots please? Maybe? [07 Dec 2006|05:37pm]
Oi. I've been tearing apart the internet trying to find some decent images of the Young alexander from the movie. I found some when he's with his mother, but I want mooore! X3 So, would anyone be so kind as to direct me in the direction of some decent, workable quality screenshots of him when he's a child, and somewhat older in his adolescence? It would be greatly appreciated since Cap_it's screenshots for the movie are all dead and I'm afraid to post there :X

I'm dying to make some avatars with him, and if I get some good ones, I'll share! :O

pleasssse ; 3;?
[oi. And if I shouldn't post this here even though its filled with fangirly goodness, please tell me and I'll delete it even though I dont see anything about it in the guidelines :x)
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Looking for Alexander's Screenplay [24 Aug 2006|04:57pm]

I'm currently seeking Alexander's Screenplay. I dont know where to get it. Could anyone please help me!! :((
Thank you so much.
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Icons & Wallpapers. [04 Aug 2006|05:53am]


{16 Icons and 6 Alexander & Olympias Wallpapers...}
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a 3 hours and 45 min version!!! [02 Aug 2006|10:34pm]

i just read that on a alexander yahoo group, i wanted to share the great news!


Stone to Deliver Three Hour Forty-Five Min. 'Alexander' DVD!

By Laremy Legel
Source: RopeofSilicon | July 21, 2006
I had a chance to sit down with Oliver Stone to talk about World Trade Center this afternoon (more on that interview in a few days) and he casually mentioned a THIRD version of Alexander. Whaa?? I couldn't let a topic like that go by and when pressed for details the great director had this to say:
"I'm doing a third version on DVD, not theatrical. I'm going to do a Cecile B Demille/Oliver Stone three hour forty five minute thing, I'm going to go all out, put everything I like in the movie. He was a complicated man, it was a complicated story and it doesn't hurt to make it longer and let people who loved the film and see it more and understand it more," he said.
I was a little surprised because I had assumed (as I'm sure some of you had) that the director's cut was the final say on Alexander. We got back into World Trade Center after that but near the end of the interview I just had to ask him why he'd go back to the well on this one and when we could expect to see it. Again, he didn't disappoint.
"I love working on it because I love the movie. I hope to have it done in two months, a month and a half and then it's up to Warner. It will be a catalogue item, I don't think they'll go out and make a big thing of it."

So there you have it, a third cut of Alexander coming to a DVD machine near you. I know I'll be interested to see it because it's one of the rare instances to see where a film became broken and how a master storyteller would go about putting it all back together. Stay tuned for the rest of the illuminating interview...
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[16 Jul 2006|08:49pm]


Once there were gods great and beautiful, whose palms crushed whole villages, whose smiles ensured mortal love. They reigned over their world with words that shook the hearts of mountains, and their exploits became myths without number. From thrones (carved of clouds and bejeweled with snared lightning) they presided over a land teeming with monsters, men, and heroes. Passing eternity warring with each other and those that thought they could best a deity, they were slowly stripped of their supremacy – brick by brick – until they slid into memory.

But gods do not die, forgive, or forget. Once again they are waking up – but in bodies strange and impermanent, bodies that will die. Their powers fizzle as they toil away in mortal flesh; memories slink away to private parts of the brain. Mount Olympus only visits in the secret places of dreams. They wear the faces of boys and girls – but below the brain, below the fumbling of earthly fingers, they are so much more. It’s been so long! They may remember, finding their own faces in others likewise divine; they may slip into the mortal coil, and stray through lifetime after lifetime, never grasping what glories they once had.

And here, we begin.

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music videos [14 Jun 2006|12:04pm]

Ok, this wil seem like an odd request but here it goes: does somebody want to try to make some music videos using Art Gartfunkle-All I want or Nazareth-Love Hurts , something centered on Alexander and Hephaestion, or if somebody has something like an Olympias/Roxanne music video ?
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Wallpapers with Jared [25 May 2006|10:22pm]

Rtis is my wallpapers with Jared http://megasalexandros.narod.ru/gallery/misc/wallp_jl.jpg
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some japan press book pics [25 Apr 2006|01:39pm]

hi! a friend from from japan sent me another press book of Alexander and a keyring! i m all happy.

the press book is 35pages, i scanned 9 of them.



Hope you'll like them

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[19 Apr 2006|04:20am]

I was wondering if anyone had some Alexander colorbars? Or, know where any are.. etc..? ^^; I made one, but, I would like more! :D
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Help With Buying Alexander. :D [16 Apr 2006|08:00pm]

Okay, I need some help, please. :) I am going to buy both the Director's Cut and the Original one. I need to know which Director's Cut to get. Here are the aspects of each. (This is on amazon, by the way.)

---> Director's Cut
>> Available Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
>> Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
>> Commentary by: director Oliver Stone Unknown Format
>> Director's cut of the film

---> Director's Cut (2-Disc Special Edition)
>> Available Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
>> Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
>> Commentary by: director Oliver StoneUnknown Format
>> Resurrecting Alexander: explores the filming of Alexander
>> Perfect Is the Enemy of God: provides an in-depth look at the details that go into the filming of an epic
>> Interviews with the cast on how they prepared for their roles
>> "Vangelis Scores Alexander" featurette
>> Theatrical trailers

See, the thing that I'm confused about is that the first one says Director's Cut Of the Film, and the other one doesn't... So yeah.. :/
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Pics from korean dvd edition [26 Mar 2006|09:07pm]

hi! i bought the collection edition's dvd, a very beautiful boxes, with one booklet and postcards.

here is some pics of the postcards :


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Banners - fanart with Alexander [25 Mar 2006|09:12pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I made more Alexander banners/fanart. This time I was inspired by Backstreet Boys (again ;) and ‘Incomplete’.

My new Fanart with Alexander and Hefestion (a.k.a Hephaistion)

I hope you enjoy it.

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becoming alexander screencaps suite [09 Mar 2006|10:02pm]

hi! here is some more screecaps about becoming alexander :


hope you ll like
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becoming alexander screencaps [09 Mar 2006|01:19pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

hi! i bought on ebay a promotional dvd called becoming alexander or how colin farrell became ALexander. It said it was rare and unseen materials and i just recieve it and saw it! and yes it's a 50 min unseen bonus material!

I wonder why it wasn't in dvd extras! well

i did some screencaps, the first half of the documentery is there.


my computer after was mad at me lol and i couldn't finish it for now but i will.
it's a very interesting promo dvd.

Hope you will like my screencaps


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