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Have an obsession? Or multiple obsessions? Did Bri or Sarah Force you to join? Or are you just plain bored and want to join a community? COOL! Then this is the place for you.


1.) You must be a member in order to comment and of course post.

2.) Once you join and fill out the 'application', we'll comment on it [duh], once you get enough positive feedback, hoorah! You're a member.
2a.) When asked "What's stuck to the bottom of my shoe?" in the application, answer "Tape". This will let us know you read the rules.

3.) After you post your application and before you've become a true member, you cannot post any other entries here, or comment on any post other than your own!

4.) But of course once you're a member, you can post or comment as much as you like! Be a whore!

5.) If you're a member, be active. We don't want this to be a dull community do we?...Didn't think so.
5a.)How to be Active
- Post pictures of your obsession[s]
- Give us news updates or tell us stories about your obsession[s]
- Post results to those silly Quizzes or generators
- Or of course, post questionaires and surveys, because they = love.

6.) Most importantly, have fun! [oh, oh yeah]


Back to the Basics
Name -
Any Nicknames? -
Age -
Location -

Random Things
Most Embarassing Moment [or moments, we like to be amused] -
Best Memory -
Worst Memory -
How Do You Eat a Reeses? -
Why DID the Chicken Cross the Road? -
Your Opinon on Bush? -
What Do Your Chucks Looks Like? [If you have some, post a pic if you want] -

Obsessions [fave]
Food -
Musician -
Band -
Song -
CD -
Artist -
Piece of Art -
Actor -
Actress -
Director -
Movie -
TV Show -
Cartoon Character -
Book -
Author -

What's stuck to the bottom of my shoe?

Give two suggestions for new questions [on the application] and answer -
And finally, Why do you think you're a good candidate for this community? -
If one or both of the mods don't know you, post a picture or two of yourself. Kthnx.


sarsthat -- Sarah

sparks_my_socks -- Bri


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