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So I got bored today and made like 50 icons. They're not song lyrics, just song titles.
Images were taken from google image searches, but I don't have the exact sites. I could care less if you take them. Just let me know if you did and if you want, tell me which one[s]. Thaaanks!

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alright everyone i want a vote...
who do you want to be obessively spammed next?

-clive owen
-daniel radcliffe
-rupert grint
-tom felton
-gary oldman
-jude law
-rivers cuomo
-brandon flowers *sigh*


vote vote!!!!
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Back to the Basics
Name - Janine
Any Nicknames? - Hillary, Hanny, Jay9
Age - 15
Location - Mass

Random Things
Most Embarassing Moment [or moments, we like to be amused] - So many. The time someone wrote us in an e-mail, and I wrote back and said, "What's us?". The time I cried about getting a B- on progress reports. When I was riding my horse and got sweat butt.
Best Memory - Buying my horse Dandy, and meeting Hillary Clinton
Worst Memory - My grandfather's wake/funeral
How Do You Eat a Reeses? -I just eat it in two bites. Or sometimes, I nibble off those little edges.
Why DID the Chicken Cross the Road? - To get to the other side.
Your Opinon on Bush? - Terrible president, don't even get me started.
What Do Your Chucks Looks Like? [If you have some, post a pic if you want] - I don't have any.

Obsessions [fave]
Food - Chocolate
Musician - Billy Joel, Avril Lavigne, David Bowie, etc.
Band - The Doors, The Eagles
Song - LA Woman-The Doors, Young Americans-David Bowie
CD - Billy Joel Greatest hits, The Doors Greatest Hits, The Eagles Greatest Hits, David Bowie Changes, etc.
Artist - Monet
Piece of Art - I don't really have one.
Actress - Marg Helgenberger from CSI
Director - Mike Nichols
Movie - PRIMARY COLORS! That movie is my life.
TV Show - CSI and The West Wing
Cartoon Character - Invader Zim!
Book - Living History by Hillary Rodham Clinton, America by Jon Stewart, all the Harry Potters, The Da Vinci Code, etc.
Author - Jeffery Deaver

What's stuck to the bottom of my shoe? Tape

Give two suggestions for new questions [on the application] and answer -
1. Your first obsession
2. The bane of your existence
And finally, Why do you think you're a good candidate for this community? - I am a completely obsessive person, as anyone who knows me will agree with, and I am always on LJ.