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For those insanely obsessed with fashion and designer handbags!

..this is for you!! ♥

The privileged few ♥
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All Members , Moderated
Are you obsessed with elite fashion, designer handbags, and glamour?? Then, __adiorable is the perfect community for you!

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1. You must be 13+ to apply, if you are under that, contact either mod.
2. No spamming, and no promoting in this community.
3. No disrespecting members and especially the mods, or else you will be banned from the community.
4. No nudity. EVER.
5. Don't start drama.
6. LJ-cut everything with a graphic.
7. In the subject line of your application, put "Am I Adiorable?" to let us know that you read the rules.
8. Once you are accepted, put "Stamped" in the subject line of all of your following entries
9. Be active!

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(Copy & Paste)

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Be nice to us!
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Lexi manhattanbabe42

Mallory unxbreakmyheart

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