clandyjones (clandyjones) wrote in __addxme,

Hey, I'm Clandestine. Clandy, for short.
I'm 21, and from Ontario, Canada.
I don't really know what to say aha.
This is a new journal. It's a secret journal that I just made last night. I wanted to start fresh and have something for online friends only.
So I suppose this is where I list a bunch of stuff I'm interested in, eh?
I'm addicted to icons. I make graphic desgins and a bunch o shit like that. I create layouts for and a few other sites.
I love MCR, it's my secret addiction. I watch Supernatural almost religiously, I own all five seasons on dvd.

I'm into a lot of different music. I really love anything from the 80's. A lot of indie, rock, alt-rock, techno, and everything in between.
I do a LOT of DIY, I dumpsterdive, and try to live a life as freeganistic as possible.

I love comic books, anne rice, zombies, george romero, and a bunch of other shit.

You should add me only if you want your journal to be commented on, and actually comment back. I'm not looking for a bunch of friends just to say that I have a bunch of friends. I'm looking to connect with other people.
Ohyeah, 420 and LGBT friendly only because I smoke a lot of pot and am definitely a lesbian.

I'm not posting any photos because this is a secret journal, and I intend to keep it secret. x3

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