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Hi there!

Well, it appears no one on my friend's list updates anymore :( I've been using LJ for 11 years, and while I don't update every day, I do every week or two. When I do, it's nice to be able to see what other people in the world are up to.

I'm 26, a special education teacher, in a long-distance relationship (lately I've been writing about our discussions about marriage), and I have bipolar 2/OCD/social phobia. I take medication, and I'm in therapy. I've been training for about 13 weeks to run a marathon by next summer.

I'm interested in making new friends. Add me!

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Name: Alyssa
Age: 22
Birthday: February 19, 1991
Sexuality Lesbian
Status In a Relationship
Location: Connecticut
Interests/Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Snorkeling, Photography, Photoshop, Tumblr.
Music: Florence + The Machine, Mumford + Son, The Naked + Famous, Of Mice + Men, Arcade Fire, Marina + The Diamonds, The Lumineers, Imagine Dragons, Sleigh Bells, The Decemberists, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding.
Films: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Silence of the Lambs, Mean Girls, Nightmare Before Christmas, Chicago, The Heat, Hocus Pocus, Sleepy Hollow, Beetlejuice, Lord of the Rings, X-Men.
Television: Once Upon A Time, Hannibal, Sleepy Hollow, Parks + Recreation, Lost Girl, Rizzoli + Isles, 30 Rock, The Office, Game of Thrones, Supernatural, Orange is the New Black, Community, American Horror Story, Arrested Development, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
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jennah, 24 years old, single mother to a 5 year old, divorced & in a relationship, president and founder to a drowning local nonprofit on hiatus in central florida. my journal contains adult content... if you're put off by sexual entries or pictures, do not add me.

i've become to bored with most of the people on my friends list, and i desperately need some new material. my life can get unbelievably unpredictable and fucked up (i.e. recently had my mother arrested for slashing my face, divorced after less than a year of marriage -- nov 5th 2010 to aug 23rd 2011 -- but 9 years together, starting a nonprofit out of thin air...) and i seem to be on constant brink of a nervous fucking breakdown but i'm here still so either i must be doing something right or i have just the right amount of booze and coffee to get me through this sometimes-horrifying thing i call my life.

please NOBODY under 21, no druggies or alkies, religious people or crunchy mamas. and by crunchy mamas, you know exactly what the fuck i'm talking about. thse natural parenting, attachment granola nut freaks. yeah, i get that not all of you crunchy mamas are assholes but 99% of them are and i'm sick of running into them. on the same hand, shitty parents period need not apply. and if you do nothing but bitch about your life and do nothing about it. holy annoying! can i also rule out stupid people? note: no idiots.

COMMENT ON MY FRIENDLY ONLY POST (they're screened so any shit talking will likely be ignored so don't bother) AND ADD ME FIRST, OR I WILL NOT ADD YOU.

**note: i might sound like an asshole but i'm just so over boring LJ assholes and after about 13 years on LJ, i'm over it.
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My name is Jacqueline, I'm a 20 year-old English Literature student at a University in Manhattan, and I currently reside in Brooklyn, New York (although I suppose if we're being technical that's a lie because I am presently living at home for the remainder of the summer to work, haha, but I am in and out of the city!) I've been an active member of LiveJournal for as long as I can remember, however, I let this journal and the entirety of LiveJournal, in general, go, in the middle of my Junior year of High School. However, I've made the decision to return so I'm looking for some new friends to help jump start this venture! That being said, I'd like to use my journal as a mediation of my thoughts, feelings, opinions and day-to-day occurances. I'm also an aspiring writer (although, who on LiveJournal isn't? haha) so I'm probably going to also feature some of my work on my journal, as well.

Although I'd like to think of myself as a well-rounded individual, I suppose my lifestyle and a lot of my choices would be deemed contriversial, if not downright offensive, to many. I'm bisexual/pansexual with a preference for women, and, in addition, I recently got out of a very serious relationship with a wonderful girl who I'm still a little bit on and off with so as a forewarning, I can forsee a good bit of my journal discussing her and I, haha (definitely not to excess, though, no worries!) I've also struggled with addiction to both alcohol and drugs for over 4 years of my life now, and while I truly believe I am at a better place than I have ever been with all of that, I still drink and use frequently. I'm opinnionated and head-strong, so I'm sure I'll also be discussing politics and other things of a similiraily controversial nature so while I'm totally receptive to hearing/reading opinions that happen diverge from my own, if you don't think you can get down with my ~liberal ass~, I'd encourage you not to add me. Also as another warning, my journal still has a lot of my High School "left overs" in it so please try not to judge me off of that, haha...I promsie I'm different!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to getting back into LiveJournal and I'm equally excited to get to know some of you so either leave a comment here or on my "friends only post" and I'd love to add you back :)
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Name: Jennah
Age: 23
Occ: President and Founder of a NONPROFIT Organization for helping struggling families
Kids: 1 boy, Roman, 4 years old
Marital: Recently divorced and seeing someone new

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Recently, my best friend of 9 years and husband of 4 split for some chick and a life free of responsibility and left my life is total ruins. He is no longer in my kid or my life, and while my kid is still devastated, it's what's best for everybody, especially my son. After not being able to get a job for almost a year after my ex left, and not being able to get into school, I decided to help others who were in my situation or like it, struggling period. So now my job is President of an up and coming nonprofit doing just that.

I'm just now learning how to date and recently got my heart broken pretty badly after a short but intense relationship with a schoolteacher, and I'm now beginning to see someone new, which is pretty scary after my track record, hahaha. I've gone from being a teenaged heartbreaker to a socially inept and emotionally scarred single mom, which is making not only dating a nightmare but getting my nonprofit off the ground difficult.

When people look at me, they usually think, hardass or metal or punk rock but I'm a bubbly giddy giggly mess, and I'm fasciated by the dumbest things. I'm an absolute nerd, from a long line of nerds, from books to math to finance.

wow, i'm bad at this. ok, basically i can be a hot ass mess because i'm still learning how to fly. i'm 23 year old single mom of a 4 year old who just built a nonprofit to help struggling families because i hate seeing children suffer, and basically i have alot on my plate but livejournal sometimes keeps my sane. i've had an LJ since like 2002 (but like 10 names) and i could never live without livejournal. i get depressed and i get stupid, i'm a 23 yr old single mom ffs and every day i'm learning. i'm not a bitch but sometimes i come off as it, because some people can't handle someone who refuses to sugarcoat the bullshit. if you're being stupid, i will call you out and i expect the same.

if you don't want someone's 2 cents, DON'T ADD ME! if i comment, it's because i have something to say, not "aww that sucks that your boyfriend cheated on you", i will say "get a fucking grip and leave him!". i'm a realist, people and if you can't handle it, i will tell you right now, do not add me. i'm a rare breed. also, if you have something nasty to say, expect something nasty right back.

if you do add me, please update and comment regularly. i'm not looking to beef up my friends list numbers, i'm looking to expand my friends, read more journals and have more read mine.
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name: jennah
age: 23
kids: roman, 4 years old
status: recently out of a long relationship with my kid's dad who's out of the picture now and in a new one
work: SAHM, waiting for october to start a BA
location: brandon, FL (15 minutes south of tampa)

there are a few major things going on in my life, like my two most recent ex boyfriends not wanting to let me go, getting bariatric surgery this year (lapband), my struggle with PCOS, infertility, independence, my new relationship and still getting over the pain over my last relationship. my life was turned entirely upside down last august when i found out my fiance of 4 years and best friend of 9 was cheating on me and subsequently left me for her. i've been a SAHM for the last 4 years so i had to move back in with mom & dad and have to go to college to support my kid. i don't see a penny from him, or get any phone calls even, so i'm entirely on my own (for now). so basically shit is rough and my life can be a serious whirlwind, especially with this new relationship which is wonderful but very busy.

note: i DO NOT add new or recently made journls BY ANY MEANS, under 21, or just irresponsible stupid people. please no sluts or generally morally corrupt people. please no crunchy mamas (you know who you are) or people into swinging or polyamory and shit like that. i'm not closed-minded, i'm just not interested in reading about something i'm highly against (i have my own personal reasons, and we all have shit we are against so don't be a dick about it).
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apparently my friends list disappeared.
I am looking for new friends.

I have no requirements, I just want to make some new friends.
I have been on livejournal for about ten years, and don't plan on going anywhere any time soon so I could be a long term lj friend. :]

My name is Rikki, I am 23 years old from south louisiana.
I am married and have two children.
Melody is just about three years old.
Ruby is three months old.
Life is stressful, as my three month old has a trach and a feeding tube, but that's life and we are getting through it.


add me if you are somewhat interested.
if you don't like me after a few weeks... delete me, no questions asked!
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basics: jennah. 23 years old. mom to 4 year old roman. recently split from his dad, and in a new relationship. stay at home mom, waiting to start college in october.

a little more in depth: sean and i split in august after he cheated and left me for the girl, and he came crawling back while i was dating a new kid that didn't last long. now both of them have been tugging at my ankles, while i'm trying to move on. i'm starting college for interior design in october, and i've been a stay at home mom since my kid was born. i'm not your typical suburban mom.. i was abused and neglected emotionally growing up and i have an incredibly hard time making friends irl and forming attachments, making parenting and relationships very difficult. no, i'm not a bitch but i'm just a very straight up, no bs kind of person.

i've been struggling with PCOS for the last decade and getting bariatric surgery next month, and hopefully get pregnant in the not too distant future. basically, this year is going to be life changing.

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