tessa (yourstrulytessa) wrote in __addme_whooore,

i'm tessa. eighteen. i have too many cameras & enjoy building forts. i like road trips & exploring. i love history & horror movies. i'm a nerd.

my journal is almost entirely made up of pictures (in every entry). also what's going on in my life & occasional art & poetry. i'm especially interested in other creatively themed journals. but i'm open to getting to know anyone. i'm not the most frequent commenter because i don't have a ton of time for lj like i used to, but i will always return a comment if you comment me. of course, i'll try to comment otherwise as well, especially if you're new on my list. i've sucked at lj for like a year, haha, but i'm trying to get back into it so i'd like some awesome new friends to get to know. =] hit me up somehow, add me, i'll add you back.

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