Mrs. Harrison/Lennon/Starkey/McCartney (brite_side) wrote in __addme_whooore,
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 Let's see how this goes. Totally new to lj and confused as anything. Looking for some people to add me as a friend<3 aha. So, about me:
I'm a dork. Legit. I love reading/writing/listening to music/being with my twin and bestfriends. My favorite bands are:(and this is a shortened list because the actual one is entirely too long)
Fall out boy
panic at the disco
my chemical romance
the summer set
the ready set
the rocket summer
the scene aesthetic
the beatles
all time low
envy on the coast
good charlotte
forever the sickest kids
I love reading and read stephen king, christopher pike, lj smith, James Patterson, and sara dessen.
So...add me if you wanna
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