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I'm a 24 year old photographer from Turkey (been living in the States and the Netherlands too) dividing my time between two cities. Just got this journal which I've told no one I know about, and I'm looking to befriend/confide in some strangers. I love meeting people from different cultures and will always read though I can't guarantee to comment 100% of the time.
About me, it's a hectic, weird time in my life where I'm unsure of everything imaginable and writing helps so I decided to come back on LJ (I had one for ages before). I might spew angst at times and will curse or candidly refer to drinking/drug use/sex but I'm much more inclined to just rant about daily life and photography and art, or post my ugly photography. But just so you're warned.
Some things I like are books, animals, music (hard rock, blues, metal, but anything really) going out, and a bunch of other stuff twenty somethings tend to like, I dislike monotony, intolerance, small-mindedness, etc. You get the idea.
Looking forward to meeting you :)

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