Erin (not_dear_abby) wrote in __addme_whooore,

Hi Everyone! I'm Erin and I'm 23. I'm ready to start reading actual journal entries and not just community posts, and I'm done reading whiny emo teenager crap. If I wanted that, I could just ask my sister. She's full of all that high school drama.

About me: I live in CT with my parents, sister, two cats and my little anole. I have an amazing boyfriend after suffering through many horrible relationships. I've had my best friend since I was 10. I work in retail as a full-time associate at a store like Goodwill. Actually we're opening today. I also will be working very part-time hours in a grocery store that I've been working in for over a year and a half.

I'm a self-proclaimed geek. I prefer books over television and play my Nintendo DS more than I should. I do some weightlifting with my boyfriend, but I have yet to get on a regular schedule with it, plus it's freezing out in his gym since it's winter. Not so encouraging.

I like to think of myself as very down to Earth. I've been through a lot of things in my life and would be more than willing to share them with you. I try to inspire people, but you'll find a lot of my journal consists of complaining about the chronic pain that I'm in. I hate material things. I love volunteering and helping people. I'm also silly, and sarcastic from time to time.

If you'd like, add me and comment. Most of my journal was friends-only, but now it's mostly public. I have nothing to hide from anyone. :)
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