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__addme_faeries's Journal

.+: add fae friends :+.
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All Members , Moderated

simply, a community for fae folk to add friends. fantasy fans, fantasy artists/writers, costumers, fae/elven otherkin, or anyone who just likes faeries; all are welcome.

please take a moment to introduce yourself: (feel free to add to this if you please)

[species] (if applicable)
[a few general interests, i.e. music or movies]
[favorite color]

&& a few simple rules:
+ no spamming for utterly unrelated communities/sites. advertising your faerie-related lj community is fine, but i'd rather that wasn't the bulk of posts here.
+ no links to ebay auctions/merch websites. the purpose of this community is to connect and make friends, not to make money.
+ off-topic (i.e. mentioned above) posts will be deleted, and the user warned. if the user persists, they may be banned. i don't want to seem harsh, but i'd also like a clean-looking community, not cluttered with wholly unrelated posts.
+ have fun and get along! :]

feel free to promote the community with these banners:
(might be a good idea to save them to your own photobucket account, to save bandwidth)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

adios, amigas y amigos. ♥
-your mod, saurophaganax