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Hello and welcome to my first icon and such community! I hope that you enjoy what you witness here at __addlepated and I ask that you don't steal my icons please! I work very hard on these icons for you all to use for your viewing pleasure and I'd appreciate some credit.

Also, if anyone would like to post their icons here, I'd like to see your work before hand. I've placed this community under screening. Please do not get upset if I don't accept your post.

Now, concerning the 'requests', that I know I'll get because everyone does, I am willing to do them within reason. Do not ask me to make 50 icons of some person who has about 5 pictures on the internet. Trust me, it's happened. Just read the form in the user info and you'll know what to do.

Thank you!
Your mod,
Amanda southern_thang

P.S. I'm getting many requests to join the community. I just want to say that this IS an open community. You can add yourself. :) Sorry if there was any confusion in that.
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