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Need New Friends?

you've come to the right place.

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add me.
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__add_it_up is for people looking for new LJ friends.
&for people who comment often. follow the rules or be banned.

obey them. it's that simple.

01. do NOT promote your lame ass communities here. this is a community about making friends... not about being a slut. kthx.
02. do NOT post more than twice a day. it gets annoying. &annoying people are hated people.
03. all big pictures have to go behind a LJ-cut. i (arsonist__) will warn you once. THAT'S IT. &give you 3 hours to change it. if it's not changed within 3 hours, i'm deleting your post &banning you.
04. we all hate drama... so don't start it. if you don't like something someone has to say then just don't read it or ignore it. no big deal.

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