Kristina (music_girl) wrote in __add_it_up,

Seeking new friends right now. I try my best to comment but I don't always understand posts. I do enjoy reading entries though and connecting with others. I'm very honest about who I am and how things are. Not everyone likes that. I also do tend to have outbursts and I have medical and emotional problems. I have a below average I.Q but I'm not stupid either.
I've been dealing with depression and being sick and looking for new people to connect with, who have more understanding . i am not connecting the same with some of my older friends anymore. Or they are not on-line as much . Sadly outgrowing some friendships. I always try to warn people about how I am but if you have any questions , let me know. Aside from that.
I enjoy fashion a lot. I love fashion games and designing clothes, drawing art. I have my own PolyVore account too. I studied music for twenty years , I am a Pagan gal. Read tarot/oracles, and enjoy working with healing crystals. I do like to discus spiritual interests if at all possible. I don't need a lot of drama in my life , other then my own and a few close friends…. I also really love animals and talk about animals a lot too. I'm also a movie buff, I like horror movies a lot and right now I'm really into the original Dark Shadows series. I am thirty years old and still living with my parents and grandfather. I am very sheltered and I do get scared of things very easily. I try hard not to bite but it can be difficult. I hope to know some of you soon.

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