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Add me?

My friends page has been a bit slow lately so I'm looking for some new awesome ladies to be friends with.

Ashleh. 26. Canadian. Living in Pakistan for the past 4 months on a 2 year posting with my fiancé, who is in the Canadian Forces. I've also spent a year and a half living in the Netherlands after graduating from college. Mama to 3 furbabies (who unfortunately are back in Canada with my in-laws as it's safer/better for them there).

Life here is pretty restricted and so mine isn't all too exciting, but I love it anyway! I just started working at an embassy, so that occupies my days, and in the evenings and weekends I go shopping, I plan trips, I go to parties, and I hang out at home.

Likes: cooking and baking, animals, traveling, snorkeling, photography, hiking, painting my nails, shopping, and drinking.

Comment on my friends only entry to be added :)

That's me!

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