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Hi :)

Hey there! So here's some facts about yours truly.


-I'm 23.
-I currently live in a freezer box. My fingers are so cold that they should be incapable of movement, so I'm mystifying myself and the world by being able to form typed sentences.
-I ramble. A lot.
-I'm a bit of a nerd, but a cool one. 
-I'm pretty much hilarious. 
-Currently an art student.
-Likes to make art. (or tries to)
-Is bisexual.
-Loves to write and read.
-Likes taking and posting pictures of random stuff and things.

I'm also returning to LJ from a really long hiatus. I let my old journal go and created a new one in order to get a fresh start. I'm currently looking for friends so that I can really delve back into the whole Livejournal experience. =) 

You should add me if you:
-Like reading a lot.
-Share some like interests.
-Like viewing random doodles and drawings or have some sort of art appreciation.
-Like nerdy things.
-Don't mind swearing or ranting.
-Enjoy good conversation.
-Are an active LJ user.
-Are not sensitive about things they read. I don't aim to offend, but my humor isn't always for everyone.
-Enjoy looking at photos.
-Are not disturbed by different sexualities.

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