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Across The Lake

Is Hogwarts

Voldemort And Dumbledore dead 3 years after...
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Welcome to Across The Lake
A Harry Potter Universe RPG

Plot Line

Three years have past since Harry's class graduated. In that great battle, Dumbledore and many of the teachers from Hogwarts were killed including Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Though some of the Death Eaters escaped, the Ministry of Magic has been using all it's resources to find them.

The battle took place in Hogsmeade during one of Hogwart's monthly student visits. The damage done in Hogsmeade was great and has turned the once joyful village into a saddening reminder of that fateful day. Though the Order of the Pheonix and Dumbledor's Army was aware that there would be an attack, they did not know followers of Lord Voldemort were so strong. Student and teachers fought side by side valiantly.

Since incident, a few of Hogwart's alumni have tired to bring Hogsmeade back to it's former splendor. Fred and George Weasley have opened up a joke shop, while Rosemerta was killed in the attack, the Three Broomsticks is now under new management. Hogwarts took minor damages but the new headmistress, Minerva McGonagall has repaired the damages done within three years. Because of the shortage of teachers, the Ministry of Magic had no option but to allow Professor Remus Lupin back to his former seat as a Defense Agianst the Dark Arts teacher. Severus Snape was among the teachers who survived, continues to teach Potions.

The death of so many teachers and former Headmaster Albus Dumbledore has greatly saddened witches and wizards everywhere. Even though it is three years after the incident, the feeling or remorse and solemnity is still felt amongst families in the magical world.

There will be none of Harry's nor any of the trio's children.
Each user may only have up two characters and you must send in an application for each character.
If you are not active for more than a month, your characters will be deleted and you must re-apply
Character Information will be put into our website.
RP chats will be posted as entries. Respond to each entry as a comment. Those of you who would like to RP privatly ie : on AIM, you are free to do so, however you must post the conversation as an entry to let other's know whats has happened.

Your application must be behind an lj cut.
You must fill out an application
Your answers for each application question will determine wich house you are in. Members and mods decide wich house to place you. If there is a tie, the mods will get together and decide.
Include anywhere in your application "You foul, loathsome evil little cockroach" to prove you've read the rules.
In the subject line write "Application"
Only post in your application.
Do not delete your application.
No Mary Sue, Potter Sue, RP Whoring, Power Playing, etc. You will be told if you break this rule, and given a chance to revise your character. If you can't submit an application without it, you will be denied.
If you want something special (Half veela, werewolf, vampire, animagus) please contact co-mod alice_to_qs_8th on AIM (SN: AliceinSin) to apply.


Part One: Character
(Please be as specific as possible)

Player Name:
Player Age:
Email Address:
AIM Sceen Name: (Sorry, but we're gonna keep it just on AIM, to simplify things)
Character Name:
Character Gender:
Desired Character PB: (Actor/Actress/Musician/etc who will represent your character)
Character Bloodline: (Pure, half-blood, muggle born)
Character Patronus:

What Does Your Character Look Like? (As descriptive as possible without too much flowery language, please):

How Does Your Character Act? (No less than three paragraphs):

Character's Background (No less than three paragraphs):

Sample Journal Entry (Again, no less than three paragraphs):

Sample RP (Also, no less than three paragraphs):

Part Two: Sorting Hat

There's an exam tomorrow, what do you do?

Choose your poison
a. Pumpkin Juice
b. Butter Beer
c. Tea
d. Fire Whiskey

You failed the exam, your reaction?

You see Harry Potter, what do you do?
a. OFMG! * faint *
b. * blank stare *
c. * Heart Attack *
d. * Punch * Git

Next class is potions, whats your grade?
(As a reminder to those you of who dont remember)
A: Acceptable
P: Poor
D: Dreadful

Why is that your grade?

If you could choose anyone, who would you choose to play Wizard's Chess with?

Somone is stuck on a trick stair and they lose thier books, what do you do?
a. Pick up the book and hand them back, but run to get help.
b. Give them the books and walk away
c. Decide to resuce them yourself
d. Deliberately stomp on the books as you walk by

You are challenged to a wizard's duel, who is your ideal second and why?

Promote this community in your userinfo and give us a link as proof. You will get one house point for your promotion.

The mods will decide wich character is placed into what house based on the answers they give us.
Once you are accepted into the community, gmail us your character info at caloohcallay@gmail.com
If you are inactive for one month, you will be deleted and must reapply.
We will have classes, read the entry, and post to RP. If you are a teacher, in the subject line please write "Teacher Post:( class )"
For students attending those classes, please follow the instruction in each post.
If we say the RP is closed. It is closed.

Journal - Name - AIM

Journal - Name - AIM

Journal - Name - AIM

Journal - Name - AIM

Teachers List/Needed

DADA: Professor Remus Lupin
Potions: Professor Severus Snape
Care Of Magical Creatures:
Magical History:
-A reminder that anyone who chooses to be a teacher, is onyl required to fill out the first half of the application. Any questions, contact acrossthelake@gmail.com


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Your mods are...


Many thanks to averageicons for her beautiful stamps and LOTS of help with the layout!!
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