Weird stuff!

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this is a community for people who aren't like most people. By that, I mean, 1) "Different" tastes in music, 2) "strange" taste in movies, 3) "peculiar" styles/fashion, etc., 4) whatever.

What's allowed:
-talking about your "weird" day
-posting "different" photos of yourself
-slightly off topic, this is, but you are allowed to post icons, if you want. As long as they're weeeeeeeird.

What's not allowed:
-homophobic, racist, sexist, and any other rude behaviour. You *will* be banned if I see any of that going on.
-being mean. If someone posts a photo, and I see someone comment with stuff like "OMG U R SO UGLEE LYK OMG", that person will be banned.
-arguing over stuff. It's just pointless, and again, the person who started it will be banned. Or the entries or whatever with the arguments will be deleted, if I like the person who started it. :).

With that said, I have one thing to say:


Have fun.