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Breakdowns possible Breakthrough

What can I say? This journey has been rough, but thankfully I haven't seen half the things so many other people witness day to day. My life is only hardship to my own eyes, truly there are people out there in greater struggle. I know that our struggles are equal, they just have a different groove in everyone's lives. Some know death as their last name, others know abuse as their supporter; there are so many more hardships in the waters of our lives. "And as we float by each other, we come to know each other."

I get so caught up in my own life, I sit here worrying about my troubles. I soon forget that there are those in this world that are in need of people, and yet I long for people in my despair. It would only take me a minute to open my heart to someone, maybe I'd even learn something myself? Ohh My heart of little faith, I've forgotten that we're all equally effected.

It only does take a simple action to "throw the ball in their court," whatever they do with it is up to them. Still, stand by the courtside and think about them, maybe they're in need of another whistle blow? After all, who knows what this experience will even bring to your own 'timeout.'

It's definitely a tough, rough, uneasy life. We do try to make the best of it, to the best of our abilites. But in every single person's life, they will taste breakdown, and we must be there for them in great hopes that they'd only be there for us. Still, someone must start the acknowledgement.

...And I'll say this out loud, as much as I trust you would be there for me... I too am here for you.
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I don't know much, in fact I know almost nothing. I still have a couple of ashes burning in my skull, but on a scale of 1 to Z, I don't know.

So, I had this great idea to add idea into my head. I had no idea what I was doing.

I bought this big, huge bag of fortune cookies. There was like 12 cookies in there, I later used that bag to see what my house, and my neighbours house would look like in a big bag!

It so freakin' amazing all the feedback I got from these cookies, like, the Chinese know so much!!

I found out I was a great guy who was very lucky, with a lot of ambition and skills. I'm rich too, but I guess my spirit is rich as well, is spirit like brother or a sister in Spanish?

I travel all the time for both business and pleasure, I don't know when though...... I must be asleep during that hm.. I didn't even know I was employed!

I was totally blown away, when one of them read... "Time is the wisest counsellor". I think your IQ is more than a single digit once you've heard that.

This had to have been the fortune cookie of all fortune cookies. I could tell it was special because the cookie had two fortunes in it instead of just one. I can't see those odds being even possible, two pieces of paper in one cookie!?

Just think how much knowledge they had, to make cookies with paper already inside.

I bet the cookies you get in China have cement slabs in them, with 'human eye written' sh*t that only a super wizard could do with an egg or a stick.

OH MAN!! Maybe one day I'll wake up in China during my travels and get some cookies! *high five*
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Hanging On

In sleep it all seems better, just hidden away from the world. It's only a couple of hours at times, sometimes a full day, either way it is a freedom we have enjoyed. Is it when we lock our doors and hide away? Or is it living by night where no one needs the day? We've had our happiest moments, are they truly gone? We've been so downed, possibly at times never found.

Depression consumes, because it feeds on you; emotionally, physically. It has no compassion, and it lacks any understanding, its spells are consistent, yet we never know when it shall strike. It's the chains around our neck, and of course the thorns in our sides. We can only wonder why the hole is so deep, why we cannot find even a ladder. This hole that is also wide.

I've lived in a box, and I have forgotten the day. I've tasted despair in its only flavour it offers. I can tell you this cage isn't locked, and that you will succeed it. I can tell you the time is coming where you will shine as bright roses and angels. It is all very possible, and I pray we do not forget.

We live in, like any age, a time that has tasted pain, known fears and lived broken and lost. We must never forget those that suffer, and be strong when they are weak. Strength is such a gift, and more than one way to use it. Those that are truly downed will stand, we stand together.

God Bless!

I'm new.

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This is an old pic of myself, I thought it would be better if I didn't submit a pic with my entire face showing. I dunno why, but yeah.

Thought that this community was weirdly interesting... so I joined.

I'm weird. That's all.

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I'm new to this community, just thought I'd give a shoutout

Actually, pretty much closed my eyes and clicked on the first community I saw... noted this one and bang! ...hello folks.

I'm a musician, music teacher, faith inspired fawker... and so far, so good, so what.

I'm easy going, humours, lazy, and a spiritual guy... I don't make accept a enemies foolish challange, and I try to the best of my abilites to stick to the heart.

I tell you this though, I will be glad I joined, if i'm welcomed or even hated.

Take care folks


sorry that i dont have a picture but i want to tell you something that most people dont like about me:well here i go.i am not very weird i think i spelled that right i doont no anymore?i am only weird when i am hyper so it ok if you do like me very much i get it from a lot of people.i am not gay or anything like that but i do respect that because i dont like mean people who dont respect it.o i am 13 i know tha is young but i cant make me any older. if i could i would make me 14, hay i am going to be 14 in august that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!ok well i am going to look at other stuff now ok bye whoever is going to read this.:>

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Hi. My name is Ellie and I don't trust anyone.

I spent an hour drawing a giant centipede on a standardized test and had to be given extra time. I run around outside until my ankles hurt, or until I feel sad again. I am told I am weird, but most people just don't find humor in licking peoples faces without permission as I do.

Well, that is all, so HI!