The Fugue tours the West Coast!

We leave for this in like 12 hours!!
JET BLUE will be hooking us up ALL THE WAY TO LA

2.25.06 SOME PARTY! w/ Night Wounds - SANTA CRUZ, CA
2.26.06 Stork Club w/ Night Wounds - OAKLAND, CA
2.27.06 Food Hole w/ Ikebana + Me Con - PORTLAND, OR
2.28.06 Funhouse w/ Ikebana + CASY+BRIAN (Catbees) - SEATTLE, WA
3.01.06 going to see ORTHRELM + GET HUSTLE at FOOD HOLE/driving day
3.02.06 Hemlock Tavern w/ Night Wounds + The Death Set + Best Fwends- SAN FRANCISCO, CA
3.03.06 Fool's Foundation w/ Hot Girls, Cool Guys + Night Wounds - SACRAMENTO, CA
3.04.06 IL CORRAL w/ Night Wounds - LOS ANGELES, CA


we also put up a NIRVANA cover
It's like the whole Byrdgang's in here, like Kurt Cobain was here.
it's going to be on a comp. details soon

come say hi to get in on some limited (and we mean LIMITED) tour cdrs and t-shirts and other shit (i.e. COPIES OF OUR SPLIT 7'' WITH AIDS WOLF OUT NOW ON BLOOD OF THE DRASH)
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San Diegans in need of tour help!

Howdy. We're This Flood Covers the Earth. We're from San Diego.

You can hear us here: clicky.

We just finished a west coast tour, and it was lots of fun. We're looking to have even more fun in the southwest next month, we just need a little help getting the rest of our dates booked.

3 16 2006 Los Angeles, CA @ help!
3 17 2006 Phoenix, AZ @ help!
3 18 2006 Clovis, NM @ the Hole
3 19 2006 Oklahoma City / Norman / Tulsa, OK @ help!
3 20 2006 Denton / Dallas, TX @ help!
3 21 2006 Shreveport, LA @ help!
3 22 2006 Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land w/ Burned Out Bright
3 23 2006 Odessa, TX @ Einstein's Revenge
3 24 2006 Carlsbad, NM @ Skabrones
3 25 2006 Tucson, AZ @ Dry River

If you can give us a hand, that would be splendid. We're down to play living rooms, garages, basements, DIY spaces, cafes, clubs, bars, and anywhere else in between. We do shows here in San Diego and would be more than willing to help out any band that helps us. Feel free to drop us a line on our Myspace (listed above), or reply to this, or shoot us a line at

Thanks for reading/listening!



The Fugue is touring the West Coast.

Feb 25 2006 - Orange County, CA @ TBA w/ Night Wounds
Feb 26 2006 - Oakland, CA @ Stork Club w/ Night Wounds
Feb 27 2006 - Portland, OR @ Food Hole w/ Ikebana + Me Con
Feb 28 2006 - Seattle, WA @ Funhouse w/ Ikebana + CASY+BRIAN (catbees)
Mar 1 2006 - Cottage Grove, OR @ Crow's Nest
Mar 2 2006 - San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ Night Wounds
Mar 3 2006 - Sacremento, CA @ Fool's Foundation w/ Hot Girls, Cool Guys + Night Wounds
Mar 4 2006 - Los Angeles, CA @ Il Corral w/ Night Wounds

We will be bringing copies of our split 7" with AIDS Wolf on Blood of the Drash, copies of both our releases on RiYL Records, and a special tour CD-R.


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Hi. We're going on tour. We still need help. Sucks to be us.

Hi there. I'm in this band called This Flood Covers the Earth. We sound like Drive Like Jehu, Unwound, Don Caballero, Funeral Diner, Off Minor, etc (loud chaotic electric guitar music). We're going on tour in February and still need a little bit of help. We're really not picky, we'll play a bar, a club, a garage, a living room, a basement, a softball field, whatever. We can offer you pretty much any date you could ever want in San Diego if that's any incentive to helping us get some of these shows nailed down. We have an mp3 up on our Myspace, which is linked above. Here's our shit so far:

Feb 02 Ventura CA @ Alpine
Feb 03 ??? Central Valley or SF Bay Area help would be awesome
Feb 04 Sacramento CA @ DIY Vegan House, w/ Fuck the Forest
Feb 05 Portland OR @ High Karate House, w/ Built By Giants
Feb 06 Seattle WA @ the Funhouse (details about this below)
Feb 07 ??? Seattle / Bellingham / Tacoma, anywhere in Washington really
Feb 08 Eugene OR @ DIVA w/ Doubleplusgood
Feb 09 Reno NV @ the Spacement, w/ Acts of Sedition, Bafabegiya
Feb 10 Santa Cruz CA @ the Showbox, w/ Comadre, Mohorram Atta
Feb 11 Santa Ana CA @ Sol Art Gallery-Cafe, w/ Minus Radio, Poland Romanski

On the 6th in Seattle, we just need two bands to play. That's it. Just two bands. The Funhouse will give us the show if we get two bands to play it with us. Anyone? Anyone?

Any help at all would be very much appreciated. If you can offer any, please respond to this, or contact us through our Myspace, or shoot us a line at


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(no subject)

Hey everyone

My name's Jon and I'm a long time viewer, first time poster. Uh...I guess this is just another shameless plug for an unknown band's upcoming tour. I've seen some huge posts in this community but please let me know if this is destroying your friends page and I'll make like a plastic surgeon and tuck it behind a cut. Lame joke ouch.

Capillary Action

[Picture of Yucca]

Melodic death metal rave-ups, fractured no wave-inspired crescendos, Latin rhythms, video game music, lounge jazz, new wave synths, mathy melodies, sexual frustration, isolation, alienation, failure, hospitals, mad scientists, far-off lands, malfunctioning NES cartridges, indignant B-boys, drugs, being stranded in Alaska after your plane crashed and killed everyone on board except you, and coming to grips with the fact that you're staring into the eyes of something larger than yourself.

Naked City without the bar-band leanings, Zappa if he knew about Converge, Mr. Bungle, a more eclectic version of Hella, dorks with guitars, Fugazi, Boredoms, At The Gates, James Chance, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Godspeed You Black Emperor engaged in a vicious argument over a parking space. Stockhausen, Stravinsky, Boulez, Xenakis, Javanese Gamelan, Negativland, Masonna, Merzbow, Discordance Axis, DJ Shadow, and Prefuse 73.

A glitched-out tsunami. With a full band in tow, Capillary Action's frenetic live show, which often results in a variety of injuries as well as general confusion, will be hitting a city near you in the coming months.


From 2004's Fragments

[Picture of Yucca]

Mid-Coital Seizure
A Hundred Pages Of Cannot Be Named
Mid-Coital Seizure (Video)

From the upcoming Cannibal Impulses

[Picture of Yucca]

The Program Kept Crashing

Official Site

"Hurricane Capillary" January 2006 Southern/East Coast Tour

*All Shows Are All Ages Unless Otherwise Noted*

12/28- Philadelphia, PA @ Dangerx2 House (900 S. 47th St.) w/ Rosetta, Snack Truck, Clockcleaner, The New Electric
12/29- Richmond, VA @ Nanci Raygun w/ The Fantastic Wonderfuls (formerly known as Suppression), Red Canasta
12/30- Winston Salem, NC @ The Werehouse w/ TigerBearWolf
12/31- Charlotte, NC @ YAUHAUS (1227 Rollins Avenue) w/ Calabi Yau
1/01- Athens, GA @ The Secret Squirrel w/ Mouser, Music Hates You
1/02- Atlanta, GA @ Lenny's w/ Genghis Tron, Child Abuse, Untied States
1/03- Hattiesburg, MS @ The Thirsty Hippo w/ That Yellow Bastard
1/04- Metairie, LA @ Cypress Hall (3612 Hessmer Avenue) w/ Sleeping Alone, Same In San Juan, Act of Legerdemain, Perils Of Reasoning
1/05- Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo's w/ Max Levine Ensemble (Plan-It-X), Dr. Awkward, Frycook
1/06- Gainesville, FL @ The Wayward Council w/ Fake Problems, Pet Monument Cara del Gato
1/07- Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery w/ Max Levine Ensemble*
1/08- Fort Myers, FL @ The Hoople Mansion (2163 Hoople Street) w/ Yip Yip, The Zom Zom's
1/09- Miami, FL @ Churchill's Pub (Early Show) w/ Capsule, The Downhome Southernaires, Haha Help**
1/10- Winter Park, FL @ Island Oasis (Early Show) w/ Forensics, Jinxed At Twelve
1/11- Jacksonville, FL @ Thee Imperial w/ Airport Factory
1/12- Cayce, SC @ The Immaginarium Noveau (w/ C. Neil Scott
1/13- Durham, NC @ Duke Coffeehouse At Duke University w/ Ahleuchatistas, TigerBearWolf
1/14- Harrisonburg, VA @ Festival At James Madison University
1/15- Silver Spring, MD @ Jacob's Shed (1802 Franwall Ave) w/ Mass Movement of the Moth, Order of the Dying Orchid, The Author
1/16- Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar w/ Cataract Camp, The Great White Jenkins
1/17- Newark, DE @ Rodney Room/Perkins Student Center At University of Delaware w/ Gregor Samsa
1/18- Philadelphia, PA @ Owl's Cove At Temple University w/ Pattern Is Movement, Chromelodeon, Chamomile
1/19- New Brunswick, NJ @ 120 Hamilton Street w/ The Post Office Gals, Hi Red Center
1/20- Troy, NY @ Ground Zero Basement At RPI
1/21- Londonderry, NH @ Nutfield Community YMCA w/ Bravo Fucking Bravo, Dealate Corvus
1/22- Boston, MA @ Mass Art w/ Kayo Dot, Sparrows Swarm And Sing, Dealate Corvus
1/23- Portland, ME @ Space Gallery w/ Purse
1/24- Providence, RI @ Memorial Hall At RISD w/ Athletic Automaton, Sweetthieves, Dealate Corvus
1/25- Boston, MA @ Northeastern University w/ Jean Claude Jam Band, Eureka Gold
1/26- New Britain, CT @ Semesters At Central Connecticut State University w/ Kiss Kiss
1/27- Annandale, NY @ Bard College w/ Hi Red Center
1/28- Ithaca, NY @ J.A.M. Space At Cornell University
1/29- Easthampton, MA @ The Flywheel w/ Kayo Dot, Death To Tyrants, Belltone Suicide
1/30- Brooklyn, NY @ North Six Downstairs (16+) w/ People, The Fugue, Hi Red Center
1/31- New York, NY @ Cake Shop (21+) w/ Hi Red Center
2/01- Philadelphia, PA @ Avant-Gentleman's Lodge w/ Hi Red Center

Hope to see you there!!

ear photo



Deerhoof: It's All Relative
By Jeremiah Griffey

SAMPLE PARAGRAPH: I would think, after all the attention they've been getting lately both in the popular and underground press, that San Francisco's Deerhoof would have major lables knocking at their door, especially after the release of their seventh full-length album, The Runners Four on Oct. 11. *** Not so, according to guitarist John Dieterich.

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(no subject)

Hi. I'm in a band from San Diego called This Flood Covers the Earth. We used to be called the View From Space.

We're a heavy dual-vocaled post-hardcore band with long songs and weird structures.

We're booking some shows for a tour next spring, and were wondering if anyone could help us out.

Feb 02 2006 Los Angeles, CA (under control)
Feb 03 2006 Bakersfield / Fresno, CA (help!)
Feb 04 2006 San Francisco Bay Area, CA (help!)
Feb 05 2006 Portland / Eugene, OR (under control)
Feb 06 2006 Seattle / Olympia, WA (help!)
Feb 07 2006 Seattle / Olympia, WA (help!)
Feb 08 2006 Portland / Eugene, OR (under control)
Feb 09 2006 San Francisco Bay Area, CA (help!)
Feb 10 2006 San Francisco Bay Area, CA (help!)
Feb 11 2006 Bakersfield / Fresno, CA (help!)
Feb 12 2006 Los Angeles, CA (under control)

We can return the favor by booking bands in San Diego.

mp3s. website.