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Hello kids, it's my first real post here! Whee!

Teh question:

What are some of your favorite books & what are they about?

My favorite book right now is The Pleasure of my Company by Steve Martin, and it's about an home-ridden OCD-suffering man and his insane life and love life. I haven't finished reading it, but it's a very good, very funny book.

Unfortunately, I was unable to answer last week's question due to being knocked on my ass by Bronchitis, but I did see the question while I was on breifly last week:

I think the voting age should be abolished, and people should be able and urged to vote when they feel they are ready. The turnout of young people voting in our last election showed us that the young members of the country are ready and willing to take part in how our country works, and as someone willing to take part in the process, we should be able to vote at any time, but when we feel we're good and ready.

-I love... carpet. I love... desk.
-Brick, are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?
-I love lamp.
-Do you really love the lamp, or are you just saying it because you saw it?
-I love lamp! I love lamp.

Thank you.
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Ive read so many great books including Speak, Cut, Wreched Heart But of all of the ones Ive read my favorite would have to be Aimee

It made me cry. Its...Incredible.

This girl had to move away from her friends. She was accused of helping one of her friends commit suicide. She went through so many things. You find out what really happened and watch the girl mature and Face the Truth.

Id recommend it to anyone. Its amazing.. the story is based on a true story. Its not full of unbelievable bullshit like alot of suicide books. Its amazing.

Also the story is like my ex-friends life. She delt with something similar. One of the reasons I cried.

Read it.

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What are some of your favorite books & what are they about?

The Hollow Hills This is the second book in a trilogy and is basically the story of King Arthur. I've not even read half of it, so that's all I know.

1984 An amazing book about what humanity is becoming. 15 pages and going..

Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo The history of emo, why it's such a "bad" name, and how people react to it.

Please Kill Me: The Oral History of Punk Rock As the title says, it's the history of punk rock from the mouths of those who lived through it.
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My favorite book of alllll time is Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan. It is such a good book and everyone needs to read it. (I've read it 12 times already and I love it to death!)

It's about a boy named Paul and he lives in this small town and he's gay. He's never really had a problem about being gay because of his open-minded parents, friends, and the community he lives in. He meets this new boy named Noah and they like each other a lot but Paul's ex boyfriend Kyle (who dumped him and told everyone at school that he was "tricked" into being gay) wants him back and Paul is very confused. Things between Paul and Noah begin to fall apart but sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better, right?


<3 affie.
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What are some of your favorite books & what are they about?

A girl cuts herself and she's hospitalized for it. She doesn't talk to anyone at first but then she opens up and makes some new friends.

Go Ask Alice This is an anonymous diary of a girl who experiments with drugs and sex.

Keeping You a Secret A girl meets a new girl at her school and she's a lesbian. They become friends and the other girl finds out she's a lesbian too. She comes out to her mother and she gets kicked out.

Speak A girl gets raped at a party and doesn't tell anyone but she calls the cops. She didn't even tell her own mother. She gets tormented all through her first year in high school. Then the guy who raped her finds her in a closet alone and starts abusing her. People go and get help and people start to befriend her again.

The Burn Journals  A boy hates his life. He wanted to die. He had tried a lot of ways to kill himself. One way I remember is that he tried to slit his wrist and all that it did was bleed a lot. So one day he pours gas or lighter fluid all over him and sets himself on fire. Before he let it get extremely bad he screamed for help. Well just to sum this up it tells about his recovery from the really bad burns that he had gotten from lighting himself on fire. It took months for him to recover. Even after he went back to school he still had some damage.

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So since I have been on this reading spaz the past week, I chose this as the new QOTW.

What are some of your favorite books & what are they about?

And just a reminder to keep promoting & stay active! :)

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I was at the public library the other day doing a project & I decided to kill some time & look up any books on "self-injury." This one book came up called Cut by Patricia McCormick. I thought it looked pretty interesting, but when I went to find it, it wasn't there. So at school yesterday I decided to see if we had it in our library & we did, so I checked it out. I finished reading it last night. It was really good. It was one of those books that you just didn't want it to end. So I am suggesting it to you if you're interested in what it's about..

SummaryCollapse )

Okay, so I am bad at book summaries, but oh well.
Has anyone else read the book? (If so, what did yall think?)

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Question of the week

Do you think that the voting age should be raised or lowered, or is it okay where it is?


I think the voting age should stay at 18...however..I believe that before you are allowed to vote, you should take a test..to see if you know what your really talking about. Many 18 year olds abuse their right to vote. They think that just because they're officially allowed to vote..they can just go out and do it without researching each candidate. And that could be why our country is in such a state of fuck. Thanks to the asshole president that we're stuck with now..most likely because a majority of the new voters are children of republicans. You and I both know..that ALOT of people just say "Oh yeah I'm a democrat" because their parents are democrats, they probably haven't researched the subject at all.