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Sexual Orientation:Bi


At least ten or more of your favorite bands: With broken Wings, Diffuser, Death Cab For Cutie, Wheatus, Sublime, Sugar Cult, NoFx, Senses Fail, Velvet Revolver, Accross Five Aprils
Favorite Song:Death Cab; expo 85
Favorite Album:Death cab; something about airplanes
Favorite Book:Aimmie
Favorite Color:Black
Favorite Store:um there is a few, Hot Topic if i had to pick the best
Favorite Movie:Thirteen
Favorite Quote/Lyric & Why:"Thats what you get for falling again, you can never get him out of your head" Thats exactly how i feel, plus its a catchy tune.

-Views on-

Abortion:Dont belive in it
Gay Marriage:sopport it
George Bush:is ok
Religous Beliefs:no
War in Iraq:bring them home


Make us laugh: ok,
Why should you be accepted:i dont know if i should, but this seems like the best community cuz you can actually express your feelings.
Post at least 2 links to where you have promoted this community:


Post at least one picture of yourself

List atleast 3 or more facts about yourself:I have depression. I feel i have met my soul mate. I also cut and feel like im about to roll over and die. But dont let that fool you, i am a happy person most of the time.

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