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What are some of your favorite books & what are they about?

A girl cuts herself and she's hospitalized for it. She doesn't talk to anyone at first but then she opens up and makes some new friends.

Go Ask Alice This is an anonymous diary of a girl who experiments with drugs and sex.

Keeping You a Secret A girl meets a new girl at her school and she's a lesbian. They become friends and the other girl finds out she's a lesbian too. She comes out to her mother and she gets kicked out.

Speak A girl gets raped at a party and doesn't tell anyone but she calls the cops. She didn't even tell her own mother. She gets tormented all through her first year in high school. Then the guy who raped her finds her in a closet alone and starts abusing her. People go and get help and people start to befriend her again.

The Burn Journals  A boy hates his life. He wanted to die. He had tried a lot of ways to kill himself. One way I remember is that he tried to slit his wrist and all that it did was bleed a lot. So one day he pours gas or lighter fluid all over him and sets himself on fire. Before he let it get extremely bad he screamed for help. Well just to sum this up it tells about his recovery from the really bad burns that he had gotten from lighting himself on fire. It took months for him to recover. Even after he went back to school he still had some damage.


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