_andbowtoevery1 (_andbowtoevery1) wrote in __3inthemorning,

Question of the week

Do you think that the voting age should be raised or lowered, or is it okay where it is?


I think the voting age should stay at 18...however..I believe that before you are allowed to vote, you should take a test..to see if you know what your really talking about. Many 18 year olds abuse their right to vote. They think that just because they're officially allowed to vote..they can just go out and do it without researching each candidate. And that could be why our country is in such a state of fuck. Thanks to the asshole president that we're stuck with now..most likely because a majority of the new voters are children of republicans. You and I both know..that ALOT of people just say "Oh yeah I'm a democrat" because their parents are democrats, they probably haven't researched the subject at all.


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