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So I got really bored tonight, and I can't sleep, so I took some more pictures of my artwork, and also found some poems :) Enjoy!

My Dove
The hooves clanking on the cobble stone street
Lamps lighting the way every fifty feet.
I stop and look around for my love.
Her skin was the white of the dove.
I went away four years ago.
My fondness of her could only grow.
I told her to wait for my return.
If she is not here, my mood will be stern
I make my way through the thickening fog
Ride past the Moore, and through the bog
Searching for the house I know all too well
A place I felt safe, where I would dwell
Knock, knock on the old wooden door
I take a step back, my eyes fixed on the floor
The floor of old stone that needs to be swept
The floor where I know, my lover once wept
The house looks abandoned, empty and cold
I ride to the town and hope to be told,
The story of my maiden I still love
Her skin as white as the feather of a dove
I find myself at the front of a tavern
Glowing by the light of a lantern
Slowly I walk through the threshold
Preparing for the tale I’m about to be told
Excuse me sir, who once lived there?
Upon the hill in the cool night’s air?
“A maiden that waited night an day
for a lad to come back just to hear him say
to hear him proclaim his love,
she was gentle as a dove,
he never came back and she feared he was dead
cut by the throat, or a severed head,
so she took her life upon the hill
no note found no trace of a will”
My love has passed, I hold back the tears,
This is the worst, of all my fears,
I leave the town as fast as I came,
Reciting the almost sacred name,
Sage, Sage, my personal dove,
Where have you gone, my sweet precious love?


The Park

The lonely man, walking through the park
Silently crying under an oak tree
Night falls
The man takes out a bottle
Full of drugs
Swallows them down, swallows them down
In the last seconds of his life
He scribbles on a piece of paper
The world wasn’t ready for my beauty
Falling off the bench
He lets the paper fall
Catching the wind
Carried to an open window
Of a girl
Crying from heartbreak
She walks to the park
To help ease her mind
The man is dead before her
Looking down
She takes the last of his pills
Lays next to him
Writes down we will live in death forever
Folds both papers
Places one in his hand
And one in hers.


This is what I am.

I'm a cutter
and a lier
I'm a faker
and a crier
I'm alive
I'm dead
I have problems
in my head
Try to help
but you cant
I am broke
I am spent
I am gone
I am here
I am sorrow
I am fear
I am sick
and I'll stay
I am evil
do not pray
I am used
beyond relief
I'm filled with pain
consumed by grief
Try as you may
you can not help
I'm a lie
I'm nothing you have felt.

Hidden Wings (there's a WEIRD story behind this one)

i am a fallen angel
my wings have been taken
stolen from my back
i cry the darkest tears
remembering what it was like
to once fly
still feeling the touch
of the feathers gracing my skin
please return my wings to me
so i can break away
from this world
i will be lifted up
and returned to my cloud
but until i recieve my wings
i am forced to stay
on the cruel earth
full of theifs and pretenders
wishing they dawned the halo
that i posess
please return my wings to me
i am empty with out them
and empty i shall remain
until my wings are returned
and the feathers can tickle
my back once again.


Chest thumping
Mind racing
Really, what’s the use?

Mind fogging
Fingers twitching
It’s just self abuse

Reaching insanity
I’m losing it all
The world is going black

Eyes watering
Heart pounding
On the brink of attack

Lungs closing
Feeling dizzy
Its coming to an end

Hands reaching
I’m clutching air
Losing my best friend.


Why is it like this?

I Hung up the phone with you,
Fell asleep on the couch
Slept walked up the stairs
And got into the shower
Choking on water
Eyeliner running down my cheeks
At 2:36 am
I’ve got the sniffles
But no case of the runny nose
Just empty tears
Promising I’ll never be fine
Ever since you left
I’ve been deranged
Can’t think straight
My minds going crazy
Fell up the stairs
Forgot my underwear
Left the house looking like a mess
Black lines down my face
Red gashes on my skin
Sore eyes drained of tears
White knuckles
From holding on tight
To memories lost
Tense neck
From craning at photos
Smell of fire, still left in the room
No, I’ll never be fine



Yes.. that is my lip print from black lipstick.

Cat. Located on the All Hallows EP.

Close up of cat's head.

Unfinished picture of me. (that's my homecoming dress)

Square by square picture.

Another square by square.. copy on the left, drawing on the right.

Close up of drawing.

Knight, originally drawn upsidedown.

Blind contour hand. Haha I love it.

Collage I made for my mom for mother's day. My friend took the pictures of me, I took the other pictures.

Shirt I made today!!

Upclose of the design.
I <33 silk screen printing =DD

I also made a purple unicorns shirt with turquoise lettering =DD
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