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Do you have any artwork that you have done & want to share with us?

I don't know if you consider this artwork but here it goes:

Poem 119
"The Effect Of No Faith"
By: Bethany Thomas

It seems as though I've crossed that line
And I'm standing on the overpass
Staring down at all the headlights
Just to see if they suit me
So well I can see
The smile on your face
Reflects in my eyes
And this as we know it will crash at our feet
I know it before you tell me you don't believe in us
My fingertips come in contact with the smoothness
Of your hips against mine
And the feel of you so close to me
Is on the brink of stopping my breath
So I take your hands in mine
And pull you away
Still breathing you in as we're slowly dying
It kills me how I get in so deep
And as I'm standing on the line
I find these headlights suit me just fine.

Sorry if that crap wasted anyones time.
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