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yeah. hope you like it. kinda long(ish)

Do you have any artwork that you have done & want to share with us?
(i.e. Paintings, drawings, photographs, etc.)

i dont paint, or draw. im not talented that way. photographs are fun, but i dont have a camera. so here is a piece i wrote, and my friend made into a comic strip. hope you like it.

empty or full.

at an empty table, in the middle of an outdoor patio, sat a single glass of water. no one noticed the water; no one cleared the table.

Two men, seemingly uninterested in all that surrounded them, sat down at the table. One man was cloaked in black, while the other was garbed in white. neither of them said a word, but instead studied the glass intently, the water filling it exactly halfway.

the white-clad man turns his attention from the glass to the other man sitting at the table, and with a stream of confidence in his eyes, voice, and countenance, he speaks, "...Half full."

the black-clad man was still focused on the glass. he turned to the white garbed man, then to the park that was near the patio. the sounds of children screaming filled his ears. he sighs quietly, his tired-looking face straining as he quietly says, "Half empty..."

the first man saw this coming. he also turns to the park. a smile graces his lips, as he sees the children having fun; laughing and smiling. he knows that this will continue between the two of them until one breaks.

Suddenly, a man in grey walks up to the table, as if he'd been invited to join them. he stops in between the two men, and his eyes begin darting back and forth between them, and slowly smiles and says, "...but how do you know the glass exists?"

the two men looked at each other, seeming shocked to hear such a thing come from the grey man's mouth, but then they began to nod thoughtfully. the white-clad man began to open his mouth, as if to question the man's theory, but then he looked to the black-clad man sitting beside him, who was still nodding, and he closed his mouth quickly.

The man sat down at the table, and all three men began to stare at the glass again. they were so fasinated by the glass that they didnt notice when a man in jogging clothing ran up to the table. he looked to the three men, and then proceeded to drink the entire glass of water, "...NOW it's empty."

The black-clad man grinned. He seemed amused by this. Everyone else besides the jogger simply frowned. Then the jogger spoke, "Yeah, it's empty. That's because you waste your life debating whether life will be better or worse. Only you," he pointed to the man in grey, "have a point. now stop this nonsense and just enjoy life will you?"

And with that, he ran off into the world, as the three men sat at that table, still stunned.

if you liked it, you can always check out more of my stuff here:


*little michelle*

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