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Make Me Moan


Name: Michelle Mendez
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Location: Stroudsburg, PA
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual.


At least ten or more of your favorite bands: The Ramones, Bright Eyes, TBS, Thursday, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, The Beatles, Bayside, Hawthorne Heights, Grateful Dead, The Faint, Floyd.
Favorite Song: The Eagles- Hotel California
Favorite Album: Bayside- Sirens And Condolences
Favorite Book: Either The Perks of Being A Wallflower or The Catcher In The Rye
Favorite Color: Green ♥
Favorite Store: I have alot of them: for clothes: American Eagle ( because that's the closest thing to me, we don't have many stores in Stroudsburg :-/ ) for chocolate: Godiva and for everything I could possibly want: Walmart...where you can get everything.
Favorite Movie: The United States of Leland
Favorite Quote/Lyric & Why: Everyone makes mistakes; Everyone wants answers


Abortion: I think it's wrong, 1. because it's out-of-the-question against my religion. 2. because you shouldn't have made the stupid mistake in the first place. You're killing someone by doing it. Even worse, the person you are killing is part of you! How could you even think of doing that?! If you're going to make that mistake, atleast don't be a coward and get rid of it by killing it, care for it. It's your baby and always will be yours. But to live with the shame of killing your own baby, that's just wrong.
Gay Marriage: This is something also against my religion. But the thing is, even if it is against my religion I still believe in love- one of the greatest things in life. If you love someone and believe you that you two should be together, then marriage is the way to go. If that person that you are in love with just happens to be the same sex, don't let that stop you. Love is love, so I don't think anyone should try to stop it.
George Bush: Well, politics and But either way, I'm for Kerry. Sorry. There's not much I can explain this with. I just like Kerry's beliefs more except the whole 'abortion' deal.
Religous Beliefs: I'm Catholic, therefore, absolutely no death penalty and no abortion. I love my religion and wouldn't change it if I could. My whole family is very religious and I believe in everything that they believe in. I was brought up that way and am going to continue to bring up my children that way.
War in Iraq: Well, I don't think this war should even be happening. But then again, I shouldn't be saying anything since I'm not much of a politics person. So I should just stay out of this one.


Make us laugh: A group of boys used to make fun of a kid who worked in a store because they thought he was retarded. They always asked him if he wanted a dime or a nickel and the boy always took the nickel from them and they laughed and laughed. One day the manager noticed this and came up to the boy and said "don't you realize they are making fun of you for not taking the dime?" the boy replied "yes, but if I take the dime they'll stop giving me money"
Why should you be accepted: Because this community is awesome and I'll keep posting and promoting since I have a lot of places I can promote this community.
Post at least 2 links to where you have promoted this community: here and here
Post at least one picture of yourself (If you don't have one then contact a mod before applying):img src="">

List atleast 3 or more facts about yourself:
My favorite show is 'Who's Line Is It Anyway';
I play alot of sports;
I'm a sucker for Godiva chocolate.
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