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let's get physical, physical.

ignore the subject, i was watching muchmoremusic.

What do you think about Stereotypes?

stereotypes = suckage. what an abnormally simple concept, yet society continually feels the urge to label everyone and everything. from a person's attitude to music, everything is for some reason labelled.

i hate labels. i mean, sure, it's easier to describe someone with one word (ie. punk, poseur, goth, preppy, etc), but mostly that depends on their appearance. most of the time, the label "poseur" is used because the person isnt liked, or doesnt fit the "mould".

and the worst thing about stereotypes, is that no matter how hard we try to get rid of them, or even how much we hate them, we all use them, even if we say we dont. i mean, what kind of music do you listen to? look at that guy, is he gay becuase he has a (slightly) higher voice than the normal guy? how about her, is she italian because she talks with her hands?

that's what i thought.

*little michelle*

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