February 12th, 2005

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What are some of your favorite books & what are they about?

The Hollow Hills This is the second book in a trilogy and is basically the story of King Arthur. I've not even read half of it, so that's all I know.

1984 An amazing book about what humanity is becoming. 15 pages and going..

Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo The history of emo, why it's such a "bad" name, and how people react to it.

Please Kill Me: The Oral History of Punk Rock As the title says, it's the history of punk rock from the mouths of those who lived through it.


Ive read so many great books including Speak, Cut, Wreched Heart But of all of the ones Ive read my favorite would have to be Aimee

It made me cry. Its...Incredible.

This girl had to move away from her friends. She was accused of helping one of her friends commit suicide. She went through so many things. You find out what really happened and watch the girl mature and Face the Truth.

Id recommend it to anyone. Its amazing.. the story is based on a true story. Its not full of unbelievable bullshit like alot of suicide books. Its amazing.

Also the story is like my ex-friends life. She delt with something similar. One of the reasons I cried.

Read it.

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My favourite book (that has not been already named in the community) is Smack by Melvin Burgess. It's the story of these 2 kids in 1980s England who run away from home, end up squatting all over and ultimately turn to heroin, prositution and all that jazz. The story line is fairly decent, but what makes this book so outstanding is that each chapter is written from the point of view of a different character so the reader gets about half a dozen different ways of seeing a situation. I reccommend it to all of you :)
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