January 30th, 2005


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I'm a writer who has taken a break from her artwork as she has nowhere to put it and has run into a dry patch of ideas. (luckily, she has since discovered the joys of visual arts in order to fill the null) I wrote this about 2 years ago during a funk, it's part of a short story that I ended up being thoroughly disappointed in, but this passage sort of is a diamond in the rough...enjoy I suppose

I have a spare next. When it’s warm my spares are spent sitting in the school courtyard staring at the trees, the grass, the weeds, and sketching their pains in charcoal. When it gets cold, I sit in the window of the cafeteria, watching the snow fall, wishing I was a snowflake; a recognizable beauteous vision of perfection that people love in spite of the bite each can produce. A single snowflake can cause no harm at all, it can only melt instantly in a fingertip; but an army of individual snowflakes can cause blizzards and snow storms, wreaking havoc among millions. Until I find my army, I will be the single snowflake; patiently waiting to be killed.
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