January 18th, 2005


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woo. been working on yearbook (ie. my journalism class) like crazy. ive been calling every single freeking business in the 6 towns that students from our school live in. (we're a super hick town).

i feel like i never wanna talk on the phone again.

my god, i hate being rejected.

shoot me. exams are coming. i feel like.. blah. woo. everyone should visit www.deviantart.com at least once and look around.

mad fun, i say.

that's all folks.

*little michelle*



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question of the week.

What do you think about self injury? Do you know anyone who does SI? Do you personally SI?

SI. touchy subject indeed. on the road to recovery myself. quite a bitch to quit. it's an addiction, only it's a totally different ball game than drugs and booze. burning, cutting, branding, done it all. salt in the wounds. got caught by my little brother. people seem to find it hard to picture me doing this when they find out. im never sure what to tell them.

a lot of people SI. in fact, i know way more than id like to admit. makes me sad, but in another way im happy im not alone. all i can say to people who dont understand is: support people you know who are having a difficult time. dont rag on them, it only makes it worse.

good topic mods. vair good subject.

mad love.

*little michelle*

? of the Week

SI is fucking retarded there’s no point to it its stupid people just need to stop throwing pity parties and cutting them selves and showing it off to get attention. Its all bullshit if anyone who dose it thinks I have no right to say what I’m saying look at my arm people there’s scars all over it which is all u get out of SI. people stop feeling sorry for your selves and if you think you cant handle your day to day shit so u cut see there’s this beautiful thing call drugs there’s legal ones and illegal ones get on something and quit being a dumbass