January 5th, 2005

Ha! Here we go!

Okay Good Morning to you all. Tis me again.

The following people need to fucking remove this journal from their watch list. You were rejected and you shouldnt have us on your watch list. BITCH


Im sick of fucking seeing your name under the list so remove us NOW

The following people need to post an application please. :]


Besides that yall Marilyn and I made changes in the information. Check it out. We also decided to post A QUESTION OF THE WEEK Check out the information for more information!!

Post away

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Question of the week

What is your opinion & past experience(s) with drugs/alcohol?

I have a few friends that smoke weed and drink, but I don't do it. I've drank, but I've never been drunk. You can say I'm missing out, but I really don't care =).  If you've never had something, you can't miss/want it all the time. I wouldn't want to be someone who had to be high or drunk all the time just to have fun. It doesn't bother me that people do it. It's just not something I'm really interested in.

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hey guys, i know i'm not supposed to be posting in this since i havent been accepted. but sorry for not having my application, i've been really busy but i'll most likely have it before friday <33 thanks
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Wow...I've been rejecting alota people..hm...oh well!

My friends brother died today...he had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest...then he died. I feel horrible...he was a senior in highschool..just about to start a real life. And now he's gone...he's in a better place though. And I'm sure he wouldn't want everyone to be sulking around. Yeah...just felt I should announce that for an undisclosed reason.