January 3rd, 2005




Thanks for joining. Please start updating and promoting and such. we want to know more about you :]

ham645 Today is your last day to post an application before you are removed from the members list.

midnigh7_sun you need to make yourself a member and fill out the application hun.


Bands you should check out

Sequoyah Prep School
Anybody Killa
& Twiztid.

Thise are some of my favorite bands that not many people have heard of. Im pretty sure you guys will enjoy them. You can find someone of them on Www.purevolume.com So check them out!!


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Hey um, it's not letting me put my app. behind an LJ cut. As a matter of fact..I can't even get to the entry. Everytime I try to get into it, it shows an entry that somebody else has written...maybe I'll figure it out. But as of now...I can't fix my app. Sorry =/

Feelin like a freek on a leash..

Okay.  So I have been a Camera whore for the past couple of days...And I decided well I might as well post them for you guys to see.

The bear I am holding in most of my Pictures is naemd Pookie Jr.  My boyfriend gave it to me.  It smells like him and it is always with me.  Right now It is sitting in my lap


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Okay so that is me.  Yes..




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