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Make Me Moan


Name: Sarah
Age: 13
Location: Worcester, Ma
Sexual Orientation:


At least ten or more of your favorite bands: Coheed and Cambria, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Story of the Year, Sugarcult, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Bright Eyes, Fall Out Boy, and Lostprophets.
Favorite Song: Last Train Home-Lostprophets
Favorite Album: Take This to your Grave-Fall Out Boy
Favorite Book: Keeping you a Secret...can't remember the author=\
Favorite Color: Purple!
Favorite Store: Pac Sun
Favorite Quote/Lyric & Why:
Drink down that Gin and Kerosene-Fall Out Boy....It's my favorite lyric because me and my friend could never understand what it was in the song so then we finally looked up the lyrics and thats what it was.

-Views on-

Abortion: I think it's a terrible thing, but if someone got raped or something when they were young then it would be a good thing to do. Also if the baby's and/or mother's life was in danger then I guess it would be fine.
Gay Marriage: All for it! If you love someone then go for it and get married.
George Bush: I don't really like him that much....He needs to learn how to speak and not make up words and sound stupid infront of the whole United States.
Religous Beliefs: I'm not against it, but I'm not very religious. I used to go to ccd until about 5th grade then I stopped going because I guess I stopped believing in god.
War in Iraq:
It's sad for the families who have loved ones there...but I guess we don't want them attacking us again so they think that iuf we attack them for years they will leave us alone? I don't really have a feel on this topic.


Make us laugh: Well last night I was walking down my friend's stairs and I tripped but didn't fall and I was like "Omg i just almost fell!" and then I took a step and I slid all the way down the stairs. We were laughing for like 10 straight minutes.
Why should you be accepted: Because I'm cool like that and I think it would be cool to be appart of this community.=]
Post at least 2 links to where you have promoted this community: and
Post at least one picture of yourself (If you don't have one then contact a mod before applying):
At least 3 more facts about yourself: 1. I take dance.    2.I go to Forest Grove Middle School .    3. I have a kitten named Cremesicle Beefaroni.


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