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Make Me Moan



Name: Autumn
Age: 14
Location: South Carolina
Sexual Orientation: I like boys =]


At least ten or more of your favorite bands: Funeral for a Friend, Taking Back Sunday, The Killers, A.F.I, Story of the Year, My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Breaking Benjamin, Smile empty soul, Linkin Park, + many more =]
Favorite Song: "Bite to break skin" by Senses Fail
Favorite Album: Casually dressed and deep in conversation by Funeral For A Friend
Favorite Book: Cut by Patricia McCormick
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Store: J.C Penneys lol. Oh yes I'm a dork. :P
Favorite Quote/Lyric & Why:
If you pull too hard
Then this string will break
And if you leave the slack
Then this string won't hold.
"slow dance" Senses Fail
I like these lyrics because I feel everyone feels this way at some point or another

-Views on-

Abortion: I think that if you were stupid enough to go out and have unprotected sex then you should have to deal with the baby. It isnt the babies fault that you did that, but I feel that if you were raped or have medical problems you should be able to have the choice to have an abortion.
Gay Marriage: I don't think anyone can choose who they fall in love with. I also don't think its right for someone (Bush) to tell you who you can and who you can't marry. Doesn't really show the point of America. FREEDOM.
George Bush: I don't really know how I feel about him. I guess he is trying to do the best he can. I'm not really fond of him. I think someone else should be president.
Religous Beliefs: I believe in God, but I don't go to church regularly.
War in Iraq: I don't think its right that a lot of innocent people have to die over there but I don't want them to kill us either. I just wish there could be some peace in this world but I know that will probably will never happen.


Make us laugh: Me+Scarey Movie+Buttery popcorn=Jessica with buttery popcorn on her lap lol ;)
Why should you be accepted: Cause you all love me =] lol and because I'll get other people to join!
Post at least one picture of yourself (If you don't have one then contact a mod before applying): I told Marilyn I don't have one. She said its okay. =]
At least 3 more facts about yourself:
1. I'm cool =]
2. My name is Autumn. Duh lol


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