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You make it so hard to fall asleep by the phone's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
You make it so hard to fall asleep by the phone

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[24 Apr 2005|11:00am]

I'm Nyssa, I'm a senior in highschool, blah blah blah...basically, I'm in a society class and I'm doing a seminar/ISP/essay/30% of my mark about the influences of teen sexuality. I'm sort of draining all of my resources, and I apologize if this is neither the time nor place, but I'm really just looking for honest teens to take 10 minutes out of their busy lives to answer a few questions... So, because all of you love me so much...would you mind doing this survey for me? It would really appreciate any feedback whatsoever, and you have NO idea how much it would mean to me. Again, I apologize if this is inappropriate in any way, and will gladly delete it if it is. Thanks again :)
All answers will be kept in complete anonymity, so there is no reason not to answer honestly. Thank you for your time. the influences of teen sexualityCollapse )
x-posted everywhere I could think of that had teen members
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[29 Mar 2005|03:39pm]

Okay Ill point out the obvious. This community is dead I dont have time for it...and to be honest I dont really care about it. :\ sad truth. Oh well get over it.

Hope you liked it while it lasted
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[29 Mar 2005|03:03pm]
Well, I'm going to leave because this community is dead. I really really loved it when I joined, but it's been dead since marylin left. I don't know, it's not the same community that I joined.
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[25 Mar 2005|05:48pm]

There is going to be a movie made about the fabulous Ian Curtis!!!! ^.^. For those of you who don't know who he is...he was the lead singer of Joy Division (a magnificant band) that hung himself 25 years ago. And if a majority of you don't care...I'm sorry. I thought I'd liven up this community somehow...it's pretty much dead =/
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[20 Mar 2005|01:16pm]

Does anyone at all know what song this lyric is from:

"Everything I've done, I've done for you. I move the stars for no one..something something something"

Anyone at all?
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stamped [14 Mar 2005|05:35pm]

I dyed my hairCollapse )

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dead. [12 Mar 2005|10:51am]

this community's been dead since marilyn left.

no new question of the week, or any new applicants.

im saddened.
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stamped;;apologies [23 Feb 2005|11:25pm]

i'm leaving all rating communities.
i have a lot of work cut out for me this semester, and i don't think i have the time to use here.
you can add me if you wish, i'll add back.
it's been fun.
♥ beki
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stamped::I hope you will join [19 Feb 2005|08:37pm]
March 1st is Self Injury Awareness Day. People are encouraged to wear an orange ribbon to show support for those who self harm and wish to stop. I personally will be wearing an orange tee-shirt as well. I plan on taking a picture and posting it online. I hope you will all do the same.
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stamped;qotw [18 Feb 2005|04:07pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Question of the Week:
Choose one song that relates to your life and explain why.
here comes the sunCollapse )
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[17 Feb 2005|11:15pm]

New Question of the week.

Choose one song that relates to your life and explain why.

(a little corny I know but I think it sounds okay..)

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[15 Feb 2005|06:28pm]

Welcome Ellen (x0xtw1nk13x0x)!! I'm sure you'll make a wonderful Mod =)

Much love,

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[15 Feb 2005|06:01pm]

Marilyn sexxiunderpants is no longer a mod.
Long story and no she did NOT Think of this community and it wasnt her idea. (not all of it was)

Ellen x0xtw1nk13x0x is our new mod. Please welcome her.

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Leaving. [15 Feb 2005|05:40pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Well guys, Jessica & I got into a fight & even though it was my idea to start a community, she took away all my "rights." So I guess that means I am leaving. I hope this community survives ;)

It's been fun.

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valentine's day [15 Feb 2005|04:18pm]

[ mood | I Love Chris ]

Wow. Yesterday was amazing.

I really do not deserve Chris.

Wow. He is amazing. Last night he came to my door with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, chocolate, and a kiss.

It was just, amazing.

Then he took me to Stefano's, but there was a 40 minute wait and we didn't want to wait that long, so we went to La Bamba.

At La Bamba I ate two bean burritos (which were amazingly good btw), and he got two steak quesadillas.

After that he took me back home, and the parents weren't home from dinner yet, so we sat out in the car for a bit, and talked, listened to music.... kissed lol.

Anyways, my Valentine's Day was amazing. How was ya'lls?

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[13 Feb 2005|07:54pm]


Question of the weekCollapse )

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Question of the week [13 Feb 2005|04:38pm]

What are some of your favorite books & what are they about?

I  love every book I've read by Mary Higgins Clark. They're murder/mystery books. I'm not usually into that genre of books, but I find myself not wanting  her books to end. I highly suggest anyone that likes murder/mystery books to check them out.

Somebody else already mentioned the Chicken Soup books, but I love them too. I've read a ton of them.

I can't really think of any others right now.

Good choice on question of the week, mods. I've been wanting suggestions for books to read and now I have them. Thanks!

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stamped;i did this tonight: [15 Feb 2005|12:55am]


snip snipCollapse )

tell me what you think ♥
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stamped::theme [13 Feb 2005|01:53pm]
well, my absolute favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. It's about a boys life basically. There's no real plot or rhyme or reason to it, it's just a book about a boys life, and how he gets thrown out of school, and his views and opinions on people. I think it's a wonderful book and it's got a non conformist message to it. It's just really good....I'm bad with these whole "what's the book about" things
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[12 Feb 2005|05:46pm]

[ mood | devious ]

My favourite book (that has not been already named in the community) is Smack by Melvin Burgess. It's the story of these 2 kids in 1980s England who run away from home, end up squatting all over and ultimately turn to heroin, prositution and all that jazz. The story line is fairly decent, but what makes this book so outstanding is that each chapter is written from the point of view of a different character so the reader gets about half a dozen different ways of seeing a situation. I reccommend it to all of you :)

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